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Monday, July 22, 2019

Well, that's enough of that!

We had a totally peaceful evening camped beside the river in Numeralla, and we slept well.

It wasn't even that cold when we went to bed, so we were somewhat surprised that we were able to see our breath when we woke up... and there was frost on the ceiling of the camper... yes, on the inside!

We've been doing pretty well dealing with the Australian winter. Overnight temperatures have been cool, but not cold.

Until now!

It was -5C (23F) outside when we woke up Monday morning!

So, this is what we get for moving inland. Well that's enough of that... first chance we get we are heading back to the coast.

We got up and packed up right away and got into the cab of the truck where things warmed up quickly once we were under way. We drove back into the town of Cooma where we went to the library and used their electricity and internet while things warmed up outside.

And warm up they did... to a quite comfortable high of about 14C (58F) with clear blue sunny skies.

We then drove north (don't forget that here in Australia it gets warmer as you drive north in winter!) to the village of Bredbo where they have a pub that offers free camping.

Scenery along the way.

Only a short drive, so not many photos.

We arrived at the historic Bredbo Inn where they have a big backyard where they invite campers to overnight for free. No obligation, but of course they hope that you will stop into the pub for a drink or two.

But, we are also here for a reason, and that was to meet Ian and Kay who are in their motorhome heading south. They are interested in buying Bundy and Joyce for a friend of theirs.

Ruth, relaxing outside on a beautiful sunny day.

Really nice couple, and we got along really well. They contacted their friend and recommended that he complete the deal, so we should have a deposit in our account within 24 hours.

And, we get to continue using the rig until the week before we depart Sydney on August 19th. They will fly up to Sydney to pick him up then.

We ended up going for dinner at the pub and having a few drinks together. Nice to make a deal with people whose company you enjoy. I bet we will see them again some day!

And so that's done. Nice to have a firm plan in place. 

We are going to hang around here tomorrow while we sort out the finances and make sure the money transfers are happening according to plan.

Then, we are going to have a quick tour of the capitol city of Canberra, and then make a B-line to the coast where it is warmer!

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And in Canada...


  1. Wish we could give you some of our heat. It was 27.8 in my apt. when I got up!

    1. We would love a bit of extra heat but all we have to do is drive down to the coast again and then it should be back to just about perfect for us. :-)

  2. good news about the RV. sure happened quick. send a little of your coolness this way to Las Vegas - cooling down today to 107

    1. Yes, it is great news. We aren't really surprised that it happened so fast, we really think that we had the unit priced right and it is in great shape.

      We would love to send you some of this cold weather but we don't think it is possible! ;-)

  3. Congratulations and good job! You make it sound so easy! Here's to warmer weather

    1. Thank you Esther! We make it sound easy because it was relativity easy, we had the unit priced right and it is the definitely the right time of year to sell, just as spring and summer starts up. :-)

      I think once we hit the coast, we should see warmer temperatures again.

  4. Replies
    1. We have to say that we would take some cooler weather over baking hot weather but we would take baking hot weather over freezing cold weather! I think we all need to find somewhere in the world where the weather is just the perfect temperature. ;-)


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