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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

July Expenses

Here in Australia we have finished off the month of July, while most of our readers are in Canada or the United States where they are just starting the last day of the month.

It is interesting for us to be able to show you that the costs to RV full time in Australia aren't much different than Canada or the United States. Our total expenses for the month of July came in at $2,113 CAD ($1,610 USD) and that included buying Ruth a new $752 CAD ($575 USD) laptop.

So, without the laptop, our living and traveling expenses came in at $1,361 CAD ($1,035 USD) for the month.

Here's how it all broke down... (the following figures are all in Canadian dollars. For $USD equivalent, you can subtract about 25%...

Fuel: We spent $351 on diesel fuel, and we drove about 1,400 kms. Again, not great fuel mileage, but we did a lot of back roads.

Here is our approximate route for the month of July...

Propane: We spent $32 on propane.

Groceries: Once again, we prove that groceries in Australia are priced about the same as in Canada. Maybe even a little cheaper. We spent $455 on groceries for the month. And, we only ate out once.

Alcohol: Pretty much the same as in June, we spent $157 on alcohol, and it was all on wine. I am missing my beer, to be sure!

Miscellaneous: We spent $877, but that was only because of the $752 on Ruth's new laptop. Otherwise, our costs for laundry, showers, cellular, and a few miscellaneous items were a very reasonable $125.

Entertainment: We had a couple of drinks in a pub one night, and we had dinner out one night. Total cost for the month was $74.

Overnight: We camped for free every night (and in a different location every night) for the entire month other than one four night stint at a tourist RV park that cost $101.

Motorhome: We spent $64 for a new fridge vent for the camper.

So there you have it. Taking out the cost of a new laptop, it cost us $1,361 CAD to explore Australia for a month.


  1. You should add a category for how many miles you wracked up hiking. Just curious, not a fitness freak.

    1. Lol, I agree with you, we should have a category for hiking miles! :-)


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