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Friday, July 19, 2019

Whale sighting!

We got up and drove right away this morning... just to warm up! They have typically been calling for between 7C and 9C at night, and last night was no different. But when we woke up, it was only 2C (36F) and there was frost on the hood of the truck.

We're okay sleeping like that, but it's kinda chilly getting out of bed.

We did the short drive into Tathra and found a nice place to park in the sun. With a clear blue sky, it didn't take long for things to warm up.

After breakfast, we went for a walk. We never know how far we're going to go... it just depends on what we find along the way!

Looking towards Tathra Beach.

We had wandered down to the pier, but there wasn't much to see there. A few guys fishing. But on the way back up, Ruth spotted a bird, and it was kind of odd because it was just flying in one spot... hovering.

I got out the camera, and it was fairly easy to get some great shots... because other than the wings, the bird wasn't moving at all!

I love this shot!

An Australian black shouldered kite.

I managed to get a video of it hovering...

We walked to the boat launch area that's operated by the local fishing club. What a great little cove they have. There were a couple of guys who had just come in from fishing and were cleaning their catch. The local sea birds love that, and it sure takes away their shyness...

 Beatuful fishing harbor at Tathra.

Sea birds waiting for some scraps.

Pelicans are so funny looking.

We set off on a short hike to a nearby beach cove that was about 1.5 kms away. We made it to a look off, and I spotted a water spout in the distance.

Yep, there's a whale out there!

And down he goes!

So that was kind of fun! It was in fairly close to shore, but by the time we saw it, it was headed out to sea.

Watching the world go by.

We made it to the cove, and we were the only ones on the trail the whole way there and back.

But, someone with a sense of humor had been there before.

We made out way back to the camper and had some lunch before heading off to find our overnight spot. I had read of a nice spot up in the bush, but some of the reviews said it was hard to find. We figured we would find something, even if it wasn't the spot we were looking for.

So we headed off into the bush!

Bundy is always looking for somewhere to use his four wheel drive!

Yep, we might need to put it in four wheel drive here.

4 wheel drive is meant to be used!

And we put it in 4 wheel low, and walked up the rocky hill.

At the top, we found our campsite! 

A great boondocking site.

And, even in the middle of nowhere, if I hold the phone correctly, I get a usable cell signal. Even usable enough to upload some photos and a video. It amazes me sometimes!

ThermoPro Wireless Meat Thermometer is on Deal of the Day!

And in Canada...


  1. You are going to miss that 4 wheel drive when you are back in Canada! Too bad you can't convert Sherman to 4WD haha... love the video and pics of the bird. very cool

    1. Yep, we sure are and the smoother ride but we are also looking forward to the extra "luxuries" that we have with Sherman. No, we can't make Sherman 4WD but we have been known to get him through some sections that you never believe a 28' Class A motorhome could do! :-)

  2. So much fun following along with you. Very nice pictures! Love your adventures!

    1. We are so glad that you are enjoying the "virtual" trip with us. :-) Thank you for following along.

  3. Wonderful pictures of a wonderful adventure

  4. Love your bird and whale photos!

  5. More nice pictures but especially the Whale.
    With your Automotive knowledge it would be easy to make Sherman have 4 Wheel Drive. LOL
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you! Kevin loves his camera for the zoom that it has. :-)

      Lol, no Kevin is not about to make Sherman in a 4WD vehicle. :-P Surprisingly enough we have taken Sherman on some roads that you would think you would need a 4WD vehicle though!

  6. Those bird photos are amazing! Whale too. I am so envious. Just lovely. And what a boondocking site. Perfecto!

    1. Thank you Emily! We just happened to get lucky with both the bird and the whale. It was a perfect day. :-)

  7. Great tail shot. It is crazy that you get a signal in the Bush and we have dial up speed near Nend, OR.

    1. Thank you!

      Yep, it was pretty amazing to have been able to pick up a cell signal literally in the middle of nowhere, it does make a difference though that we were at the top of a hill, if we had been just a teeny tiny bit lower we won't have got on at all.


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