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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Beach kangaroos

Once again, we got up and started driving right away. We figure that it easily warms up in the cab, so we might as well do some driving to start the day. Then, by the time we park somewhere sunny, the camper warms up quickly as well.

But, we were out in a state forest area and we wanted to do a short hike and see a lookout before heading back into the town of Narooma.

First stop was the lookout...

Notice the clear blue sky?
That's the way it was all day!

The short hike wasn't anything special, and it was kind of chilly out at 7:30 in the morning! Good to get the blood flowing though.

Into the town of Narooma again, we stopped and parked at the visitors center. I put the solar panel out to soak up some free electricity coming from all that sunshine. We did our morning internet time, and then decided that we should really have another shower.

We are not the type of people who have to shower every day. Back in my days of working in a bodyshop, a daily shower was a regular thing. But we don't feel that it's necessary for everyday life. Good thing, because it would sure be difficult to do the type of traveling that we do if we needed to find somewhere to shower every day!

We went in to see the friendly ladies in the Narooma visitors center, and they were quick to point out that you can use the town aquatic facility showers for $2.50 per person. That's reasonable, so off we went.

Nice mural on the town swimming pool wall.

I had read of a free National Park campground just north of Narooma. The problem is that these free campgrounds are well known and advertised on many of the Australia camping websites. Even at this time of year, they tend to attract campers because they are an "easy" free spot. We often look for free spots that other people don't think of, which is why we're usually the only ones around. But actual campgrounds that are free tend to get busy.

So it's good to arrive early, even if it's mid week.

Our site at Brou Lake in Eurobodalla National Park.

There was only one other site taken when we arrived, but now (at 6:00pm), there are probably 6 sites taken. We are glad we arrived when we did because the sites are not that level, nor very well defined. It's not actually a great campground, but it will do for a night.

Loads of pelicans at the lake.

Pelicans are so funny.

Just 30 seconds from our campsite.
Beach kangaroos!

Our site is well shaded (they all were) so we took our chairs down to the beach to sit in the warm sun.

We sat and watched the birds and the beach kangaroos.

Apparently when it is this dry, the kangaroos come closer to the waters edge to eat where the grass is greener.

Sea birds.

More sea birds.

Backgammon on the beach.

Temperature today was about 17C (63F), but with very little wind and a clear blue sky it was beautiful.

Oh, and I booked our 5 night stay in Sydney. A cute little cottage only 7 kms (4.5 miles) from the airport. It's a bit of distance from downtown, but we only plan to go downtown for a day or two. And, we will have it totally to ourselves for only $55 CAD ($42 USD) per night. It was a new listing and we got 20% off. Good deal considering it is expensive to stay anywhere in or around Sydney.

Great deal for the fishermen out there... Sougayilang Hard Bait Fishing Lures

And in Canada...


  1. Strange bird the pelican ... it's beak can hold more than its belly can.

    1. We never new that! Yep, they are an interesting bird. :-)

  2. While working in Canberra I took a drive to Pebbly Beach - lots of 'roos! I lured one into the rental car with the idea to take it to the job site ... BAD idea, he pretty much tore up the interior and refused to leave if there was anything that still needed to be damaged!
    Fun animals to look at, but they are still big, strong and wild

    1. Lol, I think we are headed to Pebbly Beach, so we will remember not to entice a kangaroo into the either Bundy or Joyce! ;-)

      Yep, they are fun to look at but we have no intentions of getting too close to one.

  3. That's a great deal in Sydney. My friend who has an air bnb (two rooms in her house) gave super low rates when she first listed to get reviews - which now she has many and has raised her rates. Love the kangaroos on the beach

    1. That is one of the reasons that we try to pick new listings, the price is usually much better and they go out of their way to make sure everything is perfect for your visit because they want positive reviews. We think this listing is right up our alley, it sounds just right for us.

  4. In cool climates, you are so right that it isn't necessary to shower every day. Where we are in hot, sunny, humid Mexico (Yucatan), two showers a day, plus at least one dip in the pool, are absolutely required for comfort and to take the "sticky" off. I especially enjoy a cool shower before bedtime so I don't feel hot trying to get to sleep. I look forward to seeing photos of your cottage in Sydney!

    1. Yes, I find that when we are at the beach in Mexico we need to have a shower every day too. Even dry camping in Mexico we always seem to be near a shower though, so that makes it easy.

      I think you will like the little cottage! :-)


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