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Thursday, July 4, 2019

A detour to the town of Heyfield... an RV Friendly Town

We slept fine in the marina parking lot in Sale. Woke up to fog, but it quickly burned off to a nice blue sky morning.

We set the solar panel out to take advantage of the sun. And, we had the door open enjoying the fresh air of the morning.

We had no firm plans, and just wanted to enjoy the day. So once things warmed up, we set out on a walk.

If you click the photo to make it full screen, you can probably see Bundy and Joyce!

We decided to walk down the river trail, which is a mixed use bicycle and walking path. It goes about 5 kms (3 miles) one way to the old swing bridge.

We actually didn't have any intention of walking that far. 

The trail by the river.

But we were going at a pretty quick pace, and before we knew it we were only a kilometer and a half away from the swing bridge. At that point, we might as well just keep going!

The old swing bridge, built in 1883.

It had taken us 50 minutes to do the 5 km (3 mile) walk. Not bad. We decided to return via the Wetlands Trail which was a little longer, but would afford some different views.

That's a pretty straight boardwalk!

Back in town by lunchtime, we had done about 12 kms (7.5 miles). Just a little morning stroll! Always good to get the blood flowing!

We had some lunch, and got Bundy and Joyce ready to roll.

We set off towards the town of Heyfield, only 32 kms (20 miles) away.


However... from talking to the ladies at the Sale Tourist Info, Heyfield is a nice little town. And, Heyfield is also an RVFT... an RV Friendly Town.

I've mentioned this before. Australia has an RVing program called the RVFT (RV Friendly Town) Program. It's a program ran by the Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia that allows towns to welcome RVers by providing inexpensive (or even free) facilities for RVs.

Heyfield is one such town.

Free dump station.

Brand new washroom and shower building.

The washroom building here is brand new. So new, we're thinking it only opened last month.

The oversized handicapped stall also has a wet bath shower with coin operated hot water. It costs $1 to get the hot water started. 

We've used these coin operated deals before, and it's not always good. You might need a few coins! Not so in this case. I went for a shower, and had three $1 coins with me. I washed my hair, gave myself a good scrub down, and still had two minutes to enjoy the hot water! And I was only on my first coin! Ruth also had a one dollar shower!

And, we are the only ones here.

We think we are going to take full advantage of the 48 hour stay limit. It's a nice little town, and we'll go and do some walks here tomorrow. Also, it's supposed to be another gorgeous day tomorrow. It's a great time to enjoy winter in Australia!

Nice price drop on the popular and highly rated King Koil Air Mattresses.

And in Canada...


  1. don't forget to spend some money in the town.

    1. We always try too but if there isn't anything we need then we aren't purposely going to buy something just for the sake of it. In this case we bought a couple of things we needed and we will be buying some diesel fuel tomorrow. :-)

  2. Nice morning walk to get the Blood running.
    If more Towns/Cities allowed for free RV Parking they would see the financial return through not only the tourism but people buying personal needs and visiting restaurants.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your exploring.

    It's about time.

    1. We always try to do a good walk every day that we can. There always seems to be something to see that we might not have seen otherwise. :-)

      We totally agree and that is why Europe and Australia seem to have these RV Friendly Towns.

  3. We always make a point of spending money in RVFT's and tell the shop owners how grateful we are for having a space available for us to stay.

    1. We also always try to spend money in these towns too but there has been the rare occasion where we haven't needed anything, and we aren't going to buy something just for the sake of buying something. We do have to remember though to let the shop keepers know how happy we are to have somewhere to park for the night. This has been a really pretty town, and we certainly let the locals know that. :-)

  4. Imagine if we had those facilities in North America? Also, I spotted your rv. You allow image enlargement, something I like about your blog. You get the details. Thanks

    1. We have actually come across some towns in the US that do have facilities similar to this, and rarely have we been disappointed. In fact we have found several that have full service sites. It's just a shame that more towns don't pick up on this, instead they put in bylaws prohibiting overnight parking/dry camping, which just makes us move on to somewhere a little more RV friendly!

      Glad that you like the fact that we make it so that you can click and enlarge the photo. :-)


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