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Saturday, July 6, 2019

Another great free camping spot, and a colorful sunset...

Another beautiful winter day here in Australia. Sunny blue skies, with a high of 18C (65F). Very comfortable. It's still a little chilly overnight at 3C (38F), but that's almost over with.

We chose to use the brand new shower facilities once again at Heyfield before leaving. Then, we pulled in to top up the fuel tank at the lowest diesel price we've seen yet... $1.36 AUD per liter ($1.25 CAD per liter, $3.60 USD per gallon).

Too bad the tank was still more than half full! Oh well, it still felt good to top it up at record low prices for us.

Mr. and Mrs. Australian Wood Duck.

One of our readers had recommended that we stop up at the Glenmaggie Reservoir. It's quite the dam they built up there years ago. The water level fluctuates a lot and it's currently quite low. They had a record flood there in June 2007, and another one in 2011.

A plane crashed into the lake in 1942. 
The pilot's body was recovered at the time, but the airplane remained at the bottom of the lake until May 1980 when the water level reached a record low and they were able to recover parts of it.

Nice park at the dam itself.

The dam.

I found a photo online of what it looks like when it's flooding!

Ruth, birdwatching.

Not much to see except low water.

It's a Saturday around noon. 
Where is everybody?

Ruth spotted this eastern rosella.
Sorry for the poor focus!

We carried on towards the town of Maffra. Along the way were a lot of farmland where they grow various leaf lettuce products.

Into the town of Maffra, we badly needed to do some laundry. We don't have that many clothes with us, so when they need to be washed, they need to be washed! And the bed sheets needed to be done as well.

It was a nice new laundromat, with nice new machines. And nice new prices to go along with it! We paid $16 AUD ($14.75 CAD,  $11.25 USD) to do one "triple load" washing machine, and one "triple load" drier!

But, at least it's done.

There were two listings for free camping in the town of Maffra. We chose the one at the Auto Museum.

We are the only ones here.

I can't justify the $15 per person cost to go into the museum.
But we will leave a donation at the overnight donation box.

A concrete car!
The sign on the window on the other side of the car says that this 3.5 ton car still starts, runs, and drives, , but it needs new tires!

The sugar beet museum.
Only open on the first Sunday of the month.

Scenery in Maffra.

A tea cup tree.

Honey for sale.

A beautiful afternoon until it cooled off when the sun went down.

And a bit of color in the sky at sunset.

Another great day in Australia.

Here's where we are now!

Prime deal of the day.... highly rated Zionor Swim Goggles.

And in Canada...


  1. What is the price of diesel fuel in Canada? I can work out CA dollars easily enough. $16 dollars for a triple load of washing and drying doesn't sound bad.

    1. Canada is a large country and the price is different in each province but we would say it can be anywhere from around $1.15CAD to about $1.32CAD per litre or thereabouts.

      It is a bit expensive for us, I would say in Canada or the USA it would probably cost us about $10 or so for the equivalent amount of laundry.

  2. We used to call it Glenmaggie Weir or Dam. My favourite photo of me with my grandparents was taken there in about 1973. https://highriser.blogspot.com/2010/10/birthday-gift-2.html

    1. Nice picture of you with your grandparents. It is always nice to have memories like that. :-)

  3. Paid $1.35 in BC this past week.

    1. Looks like diesel is cheaper here in Australia than in British Columbia, at least in this part of Australia. Like in Canada, it depends on what part of the country you are in, and British Columbia has some of the most expensive fuel in the country.

  4. Your selfie of your camper/truck appears you are both happy campers and it is a good fit. Do you ever see yourself going strictly with this type of traveling or is Sherman a part of the family? Enjoying your travels and thanks for blogging for us as I’m sure we will never make it to Australia. Thanks!

    1. You observation is correct! We are happy and it is a good fit. :-)

      We definitely see ourselves doing more of this type of traveling, there is just too much of the world out there to be explore and we want to see as much of it as we can and traveling in an RV is a great way to do it.

      Sherman is still part of the family and we aren't finished with him yet. :-)

  5. Replies
    1. Very colourful! We are loving the bird life here. :-)

  6. You guys do look happy! That's a good thing. Great pic of the rosella. Prices seem high but I guess wages in Australia are much higher than on the American continent.

    1. We are happy Chris, how could we not be?! :-)

      Some prices are higher and some are lower and some not much different than Canada. Yes, Australians do make more per hour than on the American Continent.

  7. I don't know why i always find it amazing, but i do. All the different colored birds!!! Such amazing scenery!! Love, Love reading about your trips! The world is so filled with wonderful beauty!!

    1. We have said the same thing to ourselves. There are some pretty birds in both Canada and the USA but none seem to match up to the colourful ones here. To be honest we didn't expect to see so many colourful birds, the ones we are seeing we figured we would see in South America or Africa, not in Australia. We really are loving it. :-)


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