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Friday, July 26, 2019

Every nook and cranny along the way.

Hard to believe we are coming up on August and that we have been almost two months already exploring Australia in Bundy and Joyce.

We're getting close to Sydney, which is only 300 kms (180 miles) away now. So now that we're back on the coast, we've slowed right down and will explore every nook and cranny along the way.

We really don't want to go north of Sydney if we don't have to. Not on this trip, anyhow. We don't want to drive into Sydney at all, and going around would mean a wide detour inland. We are pretty sure that there is enough for us to see over the next couple of weeks without going out of our way.

We were in Bateman's Bay yesterday, and we've now actually headed south for a little ways as we do a circular route that includes some scenic drives. And, there are so many little bays and beaches that we are stopping in to see every one, and doing some short hikes as we go.

The day started off a little overcast.

Observation Point.

Spotted this Australian king parrot through the bush.

He posed for us nicely.

Bundy and Joyce, parked at Lilli Pilli Beach.

We could have parked at that spot above without any problem, but it was too early in the day! Some of the little coves along the way have "No Overnight Parking or Sleeping in Vehicles" signs, but there are a few that do not have any signs at all.

Ruth, looking in the tidal pools.

She found this large shell.

The sea was fairly calm, but the waves still crash over the rocks.

And it was interesting watching the waves fill these gaps in the rocks.

And then empty out.

Lilli Pilli Beach.

Lilli Pilli Beach would have been a good overnight stop.

Next stop was Pretty Point.

I took a video for you as we were getting to the end of the trail at Pretty Point...

Near the end of Pretty Point.

Kevin, at the end of Pretty Point Trail.

Ruth, cautiously looking over the edge!

At the sea down below.

We spotted some seals lazing in the water.

Ruth, walking on Barlings Beach.

South from Barlings Beach.

We found a parking lot where there weren't any signs prohibiting it, so we decided to stay for the night. Really nice view out our back door.

Ruth was standing there saying there might me some whales or something worth looking at, when she says "there are some dolphins"!

So I grabbed the camera, but was only to get one quick shot before they swam away.

The view out our back door.


And in Canada...


  1. Aha, the elusive dolphin picture! Glad you guys are seeing some wildlife on your trip!

    1. I wish we could have got a better shot of one but they were feeding so none of them really came out of the water other that their back and dorsal fin. We never got to see any heads or tails but at least we got to see them and watch them for awhile before they moved on.

  2. lovely spors to stop..ecery turn u could stay.. it co tinues to excites me knowing one day this will be hubbys and i exploring the aussie coast... be very caredul tho when exploring tide pools in New South wales.. the deadly. blue ring octopus live in them
    loving your adventures and pics.. thanks :)

    1. Yes, there certainly are a lot of places to stop and check out. We are really enjoying ourselves and we are sure you will too once you hit the road and start exploring too.

      We have read about the blue ring octopus so no worries there, we won't be trying to pick it up, in fact we just look in the tidal pools, we never touch any of the sea life in them.


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