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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Preston, Lancashire, England.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Wyke, West Yorkshire, England on May 29th!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Taking a break from RV'ing for a couple of days.

As forecast, it started raining around 5:00am. We stayed in bed until 7:00am or so, and when it sounded like the rain was letting up a little, we got up and got on the road.

The idea was to drive to the town of Torquay and sit out the rain in the library there.

We had some internet work to do. Yes, we will be doing another Mexico RV Caravan trip this coming winter season, and I'm in the process of planning our route. Stay tuned... more details to come towards the end of this month.

Scenery along the way.
That balcony is built onto a private house!

We did some library work, and then made our way to the town of Drysdale. Our good friends Glen and Steve have some Aussie friends in Drysdale, and they referred us to them. So we had been in contact with Jude and Garth and they offered a spot to park for a couple of nights.

Even better, they invited us to stay in their house for our time here!

Bundy and Joyce parked in the yard.

There are two dogs here to enjoy.

Ruth, with Tully.

They have ducks here... and chickens too!

So we're taking a break from RV'ing for a couple of days. We have some minor work to do to the camper. including replacing the floor. That sounds major, but it's really not because the floor area isn't very big! But we don't like the floor that is in it, and so we're going to change it. 

And, a few other minor things that we will detail for you over the next couple of days. Difficult to get things done while we're actually on the road and traveling, so it will be nice to stay in one place for a couple of days with access to electricity and tools.

Tuesday's drive, 90 kms (54 miles).

Nice price drop for the dog owners. Memory Foam Dog Bed on deal of the day. 

And in Canada...


  1. Nice to have access to Tools and Electricity when you need it.
    That Balcony took some serious engineering and cash to build.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the accommodations and generosity.

    It's about time.

    1. Yes, it makes it very handy to have the proper tools and the electricity to so the job, now if only we had the sunshine. :-)

      That balcony is actually the second one built in that spot, the first one was made on the same pole but back in the 70's, it was removed a while ago and this new one built. It is actually accommodation that can be rented out. Google "Pole House in Fairhaven".

  2. We are so happy to hear you are planning another Mexico caravan, yay! We sure hope to join you. Mona & Roger

    1. So glad to hear that you are interested in coming. Kevin will probably have the info regarding the trip up on the blog by the end of the month or the beginning of July so keep your eyes open here for it, in the next little while.

  3. Is the wet weather unusual or is it the rainy season?

    1. Not really, it is usually cool and damp in this area at this time of year.

  4. Drysdale = steam train.

    1. We did see the park and the station as we drove by the other day but unfortunately at this time of year it only runs on Sunday. And, further to that because of track and road upgrades it isn't running even on Sundays from June 3rd up until June 28th and then on Sunday June 30th it will resume its regular service and we won't be here then. :-(

    2. I suppose you've heard about the Blues Train. Yes, I thought steam only ran on Sundays and the timelines were out, very out as it seems with maintenance.

    3. Nope we hadn't heard of the Blues Train, I actually had to look it up. It sounds like a fun time but it doesn't start until August.

  5. Great area and lovely to see it through your eyes as you go off the beaten path. We did a 2 week housesit In Inverleigh not far from where you are now. In Feb 2018. It was great.

    1. Yes, it is a lovely area. Unfortunately we really haven't seen too much of this particular area, one because of the rain and two because of Kevin doing a bit of work on Joyce.

      Inverleigh looks like a pretty spot to spend a few weeks. I am sure you must have loved it there.


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