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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Preston, Lancashire, England.

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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Keeping our eyes open for wombats!

Slept fine once again at our free camping spot near Beachport. Quiet as can be.

We need to try and get on the road a little earlier though! If we don't get moving until 10:00am, the day seems to fly by too quickly and before we know it, it's happy hour! Not that there's anything wrong with happy hour of course... we just want to get more done before the next happy hour arrives!

First thing on the agenda was a short hike around Woolley Lake.

Looks like a good place to spot a wombat!

There is a viewpoint that looks over Woolley Lake.

The trail is only about 1.5 kms (just under a mile) yet the sign said it should take about 45 minutes. That's a pretty slow pace! We were in no rush, because we were keeping our eyes open for wombats!

There's a wombat's home!

But, we didn't see any wombats. They are mostly night time creatures. We saw lots of wombat poop though! Probably something you didn't need to know, but a wombat's poop is cube shaped. Yep, just like an ice cube... only green! I'll spare you the photo!

From there, we did the Bowman Scenic Drive...

Bundy likes it here!

Bundy was all set to shift himself into 4 wheel drive!

But it wasn't necessary. Not yet, anyhow. I'm pretty hopeful that we will get ourselves into a situation where we need all four of Bundy's wheels in gear to get us to a campsite... but that time hasn't come yet!

Beautiful rustic coastline.

This pond is called "Pool of Siloam".

In doing a google search, I see that there is another "Pool of Siloam" in Jerusalem, Israel. The name obviously comes from there, but this one is known because it has a salt content 7x higher than the ocean. So people regulary come here to soak... and float! It would have been neat to do, but it's not warm enough for me to be getting in the water. Besides, we didn't bring swim wear on this trip.

The coast line and the scenic drive are beautiful.

That is a long jetty!

The Beachport Jetty is 3/4 km long. (Half a mile).

Of course, we had to walk right to the end!

Which one doesn't belong?

This seagull had his beak buried in his feathers.
When we got close, he got up and flew away.

We still had to do at least some driving for the day! Again, it was after 12 noon by the time we got on the road. We didn't have to go far though.. only to the town of Millicent....

Millicent has a fantastic kids playground.

And a very Grand Hotel!

And a few murals and painted buildings.

It's funny in these little towns because everyone notices our funny way of talking! Here in Australia, it's us who have the accents! But it makes for interesting conversation as people ask where we are from and how long we are here.

We continued south to the village of Tantanoola. Here, the town council has decided that self contained RV's are welcome to spent up to 48 hours resting up on the grass by the old railway station. They also have a free (and clean) public bathroom, dump station, and water fill.

We arrived at around 4:00pm with one vehicle.

The old Tantanoola train station.

This is the first evening we have sat outside!

It wasn't really that warm... maybe 14C (58F) or so. But there was no wind at all which made it quite pleasant. Our neighbor Norman came over for a visit with his dog Bundy. Yes, the dog's name was Bundy, the same as our truck. Again, named after the famous Bundaberg rum up in Queensland.

Norman, with Bundy the dog and Ruth.

Another great day in Australia!

Here's our route for the day...

Thursday's drive, 62 kms (38 miles).

Record low price on That's it! Apple and Strawberry Fruit Bars. Time to stock up!

And in Canada...


  1. Good day Kevin and Ruth

    I was wondering if your recent cloudy weather has had any negative affect on your solar system?

    Also, have you started to advertised the sale of Joyce and Bundy or might you have it sold already?

    1. Hi there Big Deuce! Yes, the recent cloudy weather has had a negative affect on our solar system. To start off with, we wouldn't really call it a solar system as such because it is solely a portable 180 watt solar panel that we have to place outside and angle it to the sun and then hook it up to the house battery. And, seeing that we are on the move from one place to another during the day, we haven't had an opportunity to put it out, plus there just hasn't been enough sun to use it anyways. However, because we are on the move our battery does get charged just by driving and really the only thing that we use the battery for is to charge our laptops so the battery has no problem keeping up with that.

      No, we haven't started advertising the sale of Joyce and Bundy as we haven't decided yet what we want to do with them. We could sell them when we have completed our time here or we could decide to keep them for another trip and either store them or possibly rent them out to family or friends if any of them are interested.

  2. Beautiful Scenery and lots of wonderful people enjoying a visit from the Foreigners.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the adventure.

    It's about time.

    1. Yes, we are asked almost daily where we are from and how long we are here for and where are we going to be visiting. I guess they don't get too many foreign visitors at this time of year.

  3. You know, when you are the only ones near the water that clothing is optional :) (suits not required... haha) no photos of that tho, please

    1. We know, we have passed by an "unclad beach" already, but no fear of seeing any photos of us there, for one reason it is too bloody cold for swimming much less with nothing on and second, we are not naturists. :-)

  4. What beautiful shoreline! That’s one long pier! How’s the camper working?

    1. It is a beautiful shoreline, we really like the rocky coastline to just a big sandy beach.

      The camper is working our fine, we still have a bit of work to organize it a little better to make full use of every little space and the stove top and oven work great, especially on these cool evenings. Bundy, the truck is running nicely so we are happy about that. We miss Sherman but this will work nicely for the 2 1/2 months that we are here for.

  5. Wow loving the coastal the 1/2 mile Jetty. I always have to walk it too. Beautiful photos.

    1. I am sure that we will have more beautiful pictures of the coastline once we get on the Great Ocean Road.

  6. How is it that u decided to tour in their winter time

    1. A couple of reasons. The first and main reason is that we had got a super good rate on a flight from Calgary to Melbourne but unfortunately due to my kidney infection we had to cancel that and rebook a not so good rate but still better than the normal. Second, we like going to places that aren't in the full tourist season, we really don't like being somewhere where there are a ton of people if we can help it and thirdly we didn't want to be here during the hot summer season. We like to hike but if it is too hot then don't tend too hike much.

  7. NIce to see you had a visitor during happy hour....gorgeous photos! safe travels friends!

    1. It is a given here, if it is around happy hour and there are people sitting out then you join them, especially if they have a campfire going. It was nice to sit and chat with Norman yesterday evening.

  8. Beautiful scenery! Thanks for the great pictures!

    1. It is beautiful scenery here and from what we are told, it will only get better. :-)


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