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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Pub camping in Australia!

As expected, we slept fine Monday night. We were the only ones there! But, it was a chilly night. With the clear sky, the temperature dropped to 5C (41F), so when we woke up we didn't want to get out of bed!

We don't have a thermometer inside the camper, which is probably a good thing!

We got into the truck and fired things up... fortunately, it doesn't take long for such a small space to warm up. A few kilometers later, we pulled into the parking area at Halls Gap.

The long weekend was over and there weren't nearly as many people. But with such a beautiful day, we weren't surprised that the trails were still pretty busy. Nothing like they were on the weekend, for sure... but busier than we would have expected for a Tuesday during the off season.

Ruth, on the Wonderland Trail.

Heading uphill.

I bet in the heat of the summer, there are people cooling off here!

Lots of weird rock formations.

Me, by the waterfall.
Like I've said, at this time of year most waterfalls are not flowing.

Ruth, lower right.

Scenery along the way.

Still heading uphill.

More scenery.

Interesting scenery.

Silent Lane.

I think it should be Skinny Lane.

 At the top!

Me, enjoying the day.

Ruth, at "the Pinnacle".

People have been hiking to the Pinnacle since the late 1800's. It didn't take long for them to put a barrier up... it's a very narrow rocky point, and I'm certain that some people must have fallen off to their death below. 

There are lots of other spots you can fall off if you choose to. 

Not a bad lunch spot.

Interesting rocks.

It was a great hike... we did 9.5 kms (5.9 miles) in 4 hours. That included about a half an hour break for lunch.

Back at the RV, we decided to do some driving. There's a big rainstorm heading our way, so we wanted to ride it out in town at the coast. Maybe we'll sit in a library.

From a distance, Ruth thought this was a metal man.

Here in Australia they do "pub camping". The pub supplies a place for you to park your RV for the night... no charge, but normally it's just a parking spot, so no services either. Your part of the bargain means you go into the pub and have a meal or a drink or two.

So that's where we are... at the Caramut Western Hotel and Pub. We have a nice parking spot in behind the pub, and I am writing this post inside the pub!

Bundy and Joyce parked up behind the pub.

Tuesday's drive, 106 kms (66 miles).

Lots of Lands End Clothing on sale, today only.

And in Canada...


  1. Wow, that looks like an amazing hike!

    1. It was a fantastic hike, lots to see and admire along the way and some good exercise in the process. :-)

  2. Glad you got to do the Wonderland walk, probably our favourite in The Grampians. If the weather is getting really bad push on to Jude's as you will be most welcome and they have loads of space indoors

    1. Yep, we loved it! So much to see and we loved all the different rock formations along the way.

      We will keep that in mind, we have already bypassed Tower Hill, just because today was such a miserable wet day. :-(

  3. Wow this looks like Oak Flat in Arizona. Senator McCain and Flake gave away to copper mining company....too sad.

  4. Replies
    1. It was gorgeous and we were so lucky to have such a beautiful sunny day for the hike. :-)

  5. Not a bad place behind the pub. Great hike.

    1. It wasn't a bad spot but it was a little difficult to get ourselves level there.

  6. Pub camping, I like it! Trade beer for a place to sleep, a very good tradeoff

    1. Yep, it is a good idea but an expensive one too, especially when you look at the price of beer and wine at a pub! We still enjoyed out stopover though. :-)

  7. Beautiful scenery! We very nearly emigrated to Australia from South Africa but chose to go to Canada instead.

    1. We are really loving the scenery here in Australia, it is all so different and you don't have to travel to far to see the difference.

      My parents had a choice between New Zealand and Canada when they emigrated from England, they choose Canada.


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