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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

New floor for Joyce

Well, it was a pretty good day despite the constantly alternating sunshine and showers.

After breakfast, I went right to work to replace the floor in the camper. It was just a laminate flooring, but it had bubbled in a couple of places and it was a very plastic looking woodgrain.

Besides which, most of the interior is already woodgrain. So to have woodgrain walls and cupboards, as well as a woodgrain floor we thought was a little too much.

So the first thing was to tear up the quarter round moulding that went between the floor and the walls. That part went okay, but when I actually went to pull the flooring up, it did not happen easily!

The portion where I started to pull it up had been glued down with some kind of contact cement. I thought "oh no, what have I got myself into?"

The flooring was separating and leaving behind the residue that would also have to be removed. Not fun. Fortunately, I had started at the worst part of it, and from then on it got better!

Sorry I forgot to take a "before" picture. But I did find a photo from the end of May that shows some of the original floor...

Sort of. Too much woodgrain.

I've ripped the old floor up, and you can easily see the residue that was left behind in this one section.

Fortunately the rest of it came up fairly clean.

It took a lot of scraping to get the residue up. So glad the whole floor wasn't like that!

After lunch, it was off to the local Bunnings store. For those of us in North America, Bunnings is the Australian version of Home Depot. In fact, it's so similar to Home Depot, you would almost thing that it's the same company. Not the same color scheme, but certainly the same business plan.

So, we had to pick out some new flooring. I had done the floor in Sherman back in 2014 or so, and we had done it with a woodgrain interlock style. But Sherman doesn't have a lot of other woodgrain interior.

So in this case, we were looking for something different.

But this stuff is not cheap! It would have been easy to spend well over $100 for even this tiny amount of floor space. And the floor space is not very consistent. I mean, you can't just lay out an easy piece of laminate. There are cuts and corners to deal with, and a bad cut could ruin the whole thing.

So we chose large stick on tiles. They cost $5.50 each, and we had to buy 9 of them. Hopefully, that has allowed me one spare in case I make a bad cut, but in a worse case scenario, it will only cost another $5.50 to buy another one if I need it!

You won't see the finished product until tomorrow. :-)

Giant 4 in a Row Connect Game. Normally sells for between $200 to $230.

And in Canada...


  1. I thought you might have put down a nice Axminster. I look forward to seeing the completed job.

    1. Lol, it won't be nice for very long if we had! ;-)

  2. Too much woodgrain would make it look dark and even smaller, Nice that you can get it done while parked there.

    1. We actually picked out a darker coloured floor than what the wood grained one was and it doesn't make it look the small space seem dark at all. We just found that there was just far too much wood grain in that small space to start with.

  3. Definitely need to offset the Wood-Grain. Good that you can work on it while parked.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the finished product.

    It's about time.

    1. Yep, definitely! It was wonderful to have a good place to park while Kevin got the job done, including the right tools and some electricity.

  4. I hope you picked out a nice colorful Mexican style tile :-) I love a touch of color..bright bold colors. I'm recovering my kitchen chairs in bright red cactus design fabric. My floors are concrete stained brown throughout with white walls...needs color!

    1. Nope, we didn't pick out anything bright and colourful, first off they didn't have anything bright and colourful and second thing, if we want to resell the unit, it is easier with nice calming tones.

  5. Just curious, Will you keep the RV in Australia for future travel or sell it out after this trip? It seems a lot of investment for a three month travel.

    1. We haven't quite decided yet. Most likely we will try to sell it but if we don't then we will just put it into storage or rent it out to family or friends and then come back again next year and visit more of Australia.

      No matter what, the floor covering that was in there needed changing and it also just makes it more pleasant to look at for us. We are very happy with the results. :-)


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