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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Shkodra, Albania.

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Saturday, June 29, 2019

A few things to talk about today...

We said goodbye to our hosts Terrie and Patrick this morning. Really glad we made the detour to accept their invitation. They are about to set off on a big trip out to North America that includes a three week RV rental in Canada's maritime provinces, and we were happy to supply them with some tips.

But, as much as we enjoy visiting with people along the way (and the hot showers provided... thanks guys!), we are also happy to get back on the road with Bundy and Joyce.

It wasn't far to Wilsons Promontory National Park. But we had to plan somewhat, because the camping inside the park is a little expensive.

I had found a spot outside the park that was advertised as only $15 AUD ($14 CAD, $10.75 USD) per night with no hookups and no facilities except for "long drop" (outhouse) toilets. Exactly what we were looking for.

Scenery along the way.

We made it to Shallow Inlet Campground, and saw that the gate was closed. It wasn't locked though! And there was a sign on it saying "please close the gate". 

But we parked up outside the gate and walked in.

A great beach in a bay with calm waters.

There are so many different types of sea gulls.

Ruth, on the beach.

Our clear blue skies from the last couple of days have disappeared for the time being, but the temperatures are still nice. Calling for a bit of rain though.

We walked into the campground and found it empty. There was a sign saying "please find the ranger to pay".

We walked around, and towards the far end of the campground we found a camper trailer set up. There was a lady camping there with three dogs and we went and spoke to her. She said that at this time of year, there is no ranger and camping is free!


A perfect spot for us. One of the benefits of being here during slow season.

So we drove into the national park and planned to return to the campground for the night.

Heading in to the national park.

We turned off at "5 Mile Road" and found a level place to park.

We decided to do a short 5 km (3 mile) hike and return to the camper for lunch and then go out again on another hike after lunch.

Ruth, on the Millers Landing Trail.

Nice day, despite the clouds.

An odd coastline.

There was this one large boulder.

And some mangrove type of shoreline.

We did the 5 km hike, and then back to the camper for lunch. Not many people around, in fact only three other vehicles in the parking lot. In the summer, this place would be packed. 

After lunch, we set off to do the Vereker Outlook Trail. It's an in and out trail, 3 kms (1.9 miles) each way. Didn't see another person along that trail the whole time. Just us.

Oh, and one wallaby!

Me, on the trail!

Interesting grass like plants and scrubby trees.

 Scenery along the way.

Us, at the top! 

Great views.

Back at the camper, we started to drive to the campground and the rain started. We knew it was in the forecast so we weren't surprised. We were just lucky that it didn't start until we were back in the vehicle!

Just before the main road, we saw a pair of emus!

Tough to get a photo, and it was starting to get darker... this was the best we could do....

A pair of emus.

Back at the campground, we expected to see a few more people. But we didn't see anybody new, and found ourselves a perfect spot for the night. Even here in the middle of nowhere, our inexpensive cellular internet works perfectly!

But the rain started again as soon as we got parked up, so no photo of our campsite until tomorrow!

Ruth is making a delicious smelling roast chicken tonight. Can you smell it?? I can!

What else?

Well, we booked our accommodation in Hawaii. I'm sure you can understand that Hawaii is not cheap, but we found a new listing that was $64 USD per night. Obviously we will tell you more about it when we're there in August. But at least that is done. And, we have our car rental booked there as well. It's only a three night visit, but while it's pricey, it won't total that much.

Also, we have received 17 inquiries about our upcoming Mexico RV Caravan trip and many of them we would accept without question. So it's going to be a difficult decision trying to fill three vacant spots! I think there might be some luck involved as we will do a random draw from the interested applicants!

Tomorrow (Sunday) we are going back into the national park for some more hiking. There is supposed to be some more blue sky, so we'll see!

Kids in this area are just starting a two week holiday break, but so far there is no sign of them.

Nice price drop on both the red and the blue color of this Coleman 48 Can (33 Qt) Stackable Cooler

And in Canada...


  1. Your header picture is great! Eager to see you guys!!

    1. Thank you Susan! We are looking forward to seeing you guys again too. :-)

  2. Looks like a wonderful trip, despite a little rain. We loved the "Us at the top" photo especially.

    1. It has definitely been a great trip. We have to admit the rain and the cold was starting to get to us a little, it was certainly colder than what it was supposed to be for this time of year but we persevered and just made the most of it. I have to say that is a nice picture of us. ;-)

  3. I guess we missed the Mexico boat. We are just catching up on emails. It should be fun. Your trip looks great.

    1. You still have time to request the information package if you are interested. Time's not up yet! We are definitely looking forward to this years route. :-)

  4. Roast chicken?...Or is there a missing Emus?.....Just kidding of course.....(;+=)....

    1. Nope it was chicken! We have proof, we took a photo of the two emus the very next day. :-)


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