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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Camping in the bush

I've been trying to post our daily blogs from Australia in the evening here so that it is waiting for our North American readers when they get up in the morning. But Wednesday night we were parked up in the middle of the bush and didn't have a cell signal. That hasn't happened very often this trip!

On Wednesday morning, our hosts Adam and Mary were off to work at 7:30am, and we were up to see them off. They had said we could stay behind and have showers and do laundry and so that's what we did.

As I expected, it was almost noon before we locked up the house and headed out on our own.

Adam, Kevin, Ruth, Mary.

They have a VW Combi camper van... named Algonquin!

We love exploring on our own in the camper, but it's always nice to be invited to stay in a normal bed as well. Thanks Adam and Mary for your hospitality... we enjoyed our time with you, and I'm sure that we'll bump into each other again down the road... the only question is where?!

Yesterday, we posted our plans for our next Mexico RV Caravan trip. You might have missed it, so if you're interested, you can check it out here...

We went back to Healesville for fuel, but didn't put in much because it's cheaper further south in Warragul. Then, only 4 kms (2.5 miles) from Adam and Mary's place is the Badger Wier. It's a day use picnic area with a couple of nice hiking trails. We stopped in there and had lunch, and then went for a 4 km hike.

Some big trees with lush greenery in the forest!

This is actually not a tree... it's a fern!

Stream through the forest.

A pretty spot. We enjoyed our walk there.

Then, we headed south.

Stopped at a lookout.

Notice another beautiful blue sky day!

The view from the lookout. 

Scenery along the way.

Stopped for diesel fuel in Warragul where it was 10 cents a liter cheaper than Healesville. Bought it at $1.43 AUD a liter  ($1.32 CAD per liter, $3.78 USD per gallon) which is the second cheapest price we've paid since we got to Australia.

This house has a nice view!

We ended up in a fairly remote area called Mt. Worth State Park. There is no camping in the park itself, but if you head 3 kms (1.9 miles) south of the park, there is a Park Reserve along a narrow dirt road that has some pulloffs where you can stay. So that's where we spent the night. It was almost dark by the time we got parked up.

Ruth, cooking dinner.

Despite the fact that Joyce is a small camper, Ruth says that she has more cooking space here than she does in Sherman!

Chicken stir fry for dinner.

Camped in the bush.

We didn't have internet, so we watched a movie on the laptop last night. Peaceful night except for some piece of heavy equipment that went by in the early morning hours before it was even light outside.

Today, we are going to visit some more Aussie folks! This couple are on their way to Canada next month where they have an RV rented in Nova Scotia. We know the area quite well, so we're looking forward to giving them some tips.

Yesterday's drive, 129 kms (80 miles).

Record low price on the Hardwired version of Progressive Industries 50 Amp RV Electrical Management System with Surge Protector. Again, it's not a huge price drop, but these things rarely go on sale and this is the lowest I've ever seen it.

And in Canada...


  1. How did you know about the road? Such a beautiful trip.

    1. Kevin was looking for places to hike and also places to overnight at. There was a lovely state park on the road and we were going to go there for a hike but it was getting late in the day and the place that we were overnighting at was just down the same road. Kevin is always looking for off the beaten path type of places.

  2. That photo of a fern was unreal! Who would have thought it wasn’t a tree?!

    1. Actually we found out is sort of a tree, it is called a tree fern but is still in the fern family, they are quite amazing to see.


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