Coastline at Antalya, Turkiye.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Antalya, Turkiye.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Paris, France on May 1st.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Best weather day yet!

Slept great, but boy was it cold when we woke up! They've had a cold spell here in this area the last couple of days, but it looks like that was the last night of the deep cold.

Deep cold around these parts means that the temperature has gone below freezing!

But normal lows for this time of year are around 7C (45F) and highs around 16C (61). It looks like temperatures are back to normal now.

In fact, today was our best weather day yet! The temperature went up to 19C (66F) with blue skies and sunshine!

We got up at about 7:30am and drove right away. Besides which, we hadn't had a cell signal overnight and I had some internet work to do.

We drove into the town of Leongatha (pop 5,200) and parked up at the showgrounds. Found a level spot near the bathrooms. By then the sun had come up and things were warming up. We got caught up on the internet, and walked into town.

Did some grocery shopping at Aldi, and then lugged it all back to the camper and had some lunch.

During lunch, a guy walked up to the camper. We had the door wide open enjoying the beautiful day. The guy places a "stubby holder"... or a coolie cup as we call them in North America. He places it on the floor and says "here's a stubby holder for you". We thanked him for the souvenir, and he left.

Very nice gesture. It's labeled with the local football club that plays at the showgrounds.

Our new Australian "stubby holder"!

And then we drove to Terrie and Patrick's place in Venus Bay. Terrie had originally contacted us before we arrived and offered to meet us in Melbourne, but then of course our plans changed and we arrived in Adelaide. 

Now, they are on their way to Canada for a three week RV rental trip to Nova Scotia and area! So we are parked up in the next door neighbour's driveway and talking about travel!

And throughout all of that, we didn't take any photos! So no scenery shots for you today. We promise that we'll make it up to you tomorrow.

Thursday's drive, 67 kms (42 miles)

Nice price drop on the Excalibur 9 Tray Food Dehydrator.

And in Canada...


  1. I did not know the coolie cup phrase. I remember as a kid rolling down the sand dunes of Venus Bay.

    1. Well it seems that it just us Canadians that call it a coolie cup! :-)

      We haven't seen the sand dunes yet, perhaps tomorrow. It sounds like they are discouraging that act now because of erosion and also to protect the nesting areas of the hooded plover bird.

  2. Are you thinking of going over to Tasmania?

    1. Not on this particular trip but we are definitely wanting to go, that however will be a trip all on it's own.

  3. LOL- I haven't heard coolie cup before either. In my area it's a can koozie, or just a koozie.

    1. I think it is a Canadian saying. I believe koozie is a US saying.

  4. So far you've been sticking to the coastal areas where most Australians live. Are you thinking of going into the interior?

    1. Yes, we have been sticking to the coast but we have gone inland a bit just not into the outback area. Right now the area we are in by the coast is warmer in general. To go inland too much would take us up into mountains and to much colder weather and even snow. So for this trip we won't be headed to the outback but we will try to get to some of the inland areas near the coast when the weather permits it.


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