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Thursday, June 20, 2019

New floor, and another camper modification

Woke up to another on-again, off-again rainy day.

So, with an unlimited supply of internet, I spent much of the morning working on our Mexico RV Caravan trip for next season. It's going to be a very different trip! Details coming next week.

By 11:00am or so, things started to clear up and I went out to finish the floor in the camper.

While I was working on that, Ruth went with our host Jude and a friend of hers to visit the op shops... the charity and thrift second hand stores.

Me, working on our Mexico trip!
Notice my friend... that is Pepper. She is almost 17 years old!

The floor came out better than I expected. Both Ruth and I like it!

That's better!

One of our readers asked if we were fixing things up in preparation to sell it. We're actually not sure yet, although some of what we're doing is just because we like it better! Odds are good that we will make an effort to sell the rig before we leave, but if it does not sell we will store it and return next year. The only thing that we really are not happy with is the sleeping quarters because of my height. We think that for anybody under 5' 10" (178 cm) , it would be very suitable rig.

Next up was another modification. 

The guy who built the camper did a really good job. Lots of cupboards and drawer space considering the size of the rig. In fact, we still have a drawer or two without anything in them! But when he built the cupboards up along the ceiling line, he never installed any supports for the cupboard doors. So it was difficult to get things in and out of the cupboards when you had to use one hand holding the door open.

I installed cupboard door supports.

So I bought supports for the seven upper cupboard doors and installed them today. Much better!

While I was doing that, Ruth had been to the thrift shops and bought a few things. One of the items was a backgammon set. We've been missing our daily backgammon games, and a new set is over $50 here, so we were looking for a used one. Ruth found one in the op shop for $4... missing three pieces, but we will find a way to make it work!

She also bought a couple of small kitchen items.

Then, she went with Jude to take the dogs for a walk on the beach.

Tonight.. roast chicken dinner!

Friday, we will finish up a few things here, and then on Saturday we are back in the camper and heading to the big city of Melbourne!

Good deal on this Professional Knife Sharpener.

And in Canada...


  1. The floor looks good, sturdy vinyl. It will outlast the van. Coming to Melbourne? There are too many people here already. No reason to visit. I don't know of anywhere within 15 kilometres of the city where you could park for free. Actually even a paid site. Ask a backpacker type. But they do get moved on at times. I wonder if you could pretend to be lining up for the ferry to Tasmania for an extended period in The Boulevard, Port Melbourne.

    1. Yes, it is good and sturdy and the vinyl squares worked out really well, we are very happy with the finished product.

      We only want to spend a day visiting Melbourne, although I am sure we could find more to keep ourselves busy but a day is long enough, we would rather concentrate on the more natural parts of Australia instead. Lucky for us, someone has offered up a place for us to park for a couple of nights that is relatively close to the downtown core so we took them up on the offer. :-)

  2. Floor looks good. Hard to believe anyone would initially build but then use a camper without cupboard supports to hold the doors open. Keep us updated on thoughts about the van, the bed is probably one of the main things that would put us off but still open to the idea of renting it from you for a couple of months or a part share.

    1. We are so happy with the floor, Kevin did a great job! It looks so much better than the wood grained cheap stuff that was on there before.

      Maybe the guy wasn't aware that you could by cupboard supports, anyways it is so much nicer having them there now as compared to before.

      We agree, we think the main issue that you would have with the unit would be the length of the bed for Steve. Kevin can manage but Steve is still a couple of inches taller than Kevin.

  3. The floor turned out great - much better than wood on wood. I am interested to see what changes to the Mexico caravan you will make, it seems you had a great bunch this past winter

    1. We totally agree and we are so happy with the results! Kevin did a great job. :-)

      We did have a great winter overall last winter in Mexico but we also don't want to do the exact same route, so we have definitely changed things up a little.

  4. That is exactly how the floor in my RV bedroom looks :) we have good taste! LOL I think if you kept the RV down there, you could rent it out to make some money. Someone down there could look after the rentals for you and you just collect money. Easy peasy!

    1. Yep, I guess we both have great taste! ;-)

      We have definitely thought of renting it out and I am sure that we wouldn't have a problem doing that but it would have to be with people we personally know and then we could come back next year and use it again ourselves. There is certainly a lot for us to consider over the next few weeks!

  5. Floor turned out very well. I think I would like this time of year where you are. I like beaches but not in the blazing sun. I have always preferred Texas beaches and Mexico's Gulf coast in the winter.

    1. Thank you Chris, we think it did too! :-)

      We agree, despite the weather being a little wetter than we had hoped the temperature really isn't that bad and the fact that the place isn't overrun with tourists makes us happy.


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