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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Can you walk on water?

We had a busy day yesterday with a lot going on here at the park. Thankfully, the weather cooperated and it was a successful day. Two different fundraisers taking place here, one to support the park and one in aid of ovarian cancer.

Oh, and the results of our son's race yesterday!

Alex and his friend Matt had a 7th place finish last year. This year, they were striving for a top five...and they did it, with an amazing 2nd place finish out of the 300 teams participating. They're both very athletic and smart guys which is a good combination to have in a race that involves both strategy and physical obstacles. And, they raised $1,050 towards sports programs for autistic children. Way to go guys!

Their 2nd place finish puts them into the Canadian National Finals taking place in September. The finals are also taking place in Ottawa, so they'll have a distinct advantage over teams that will be coming in from other cities.

I was up at just after 6:00am yesterday to help them set up here for the hamster ball fundraiser for the park. This was all sponsored by one of the local business owners. We've learned that there is a lot of community spirit in this area, and especially when it comes to supporting their local regional park. It's one of the things we like about being here.

All set up, and ready to go by 10:00am.

One of the girls showing how to walk on water.

It's more difficult than it looks!

At $15 a head to spend some time in the water ball, they raised $875 towards the parks general operating funds. There are several fundraisers that take place throughout the year, including our weekly Sunday morning pancake breakfast. In total last year, all of these different events raised over $20,000 for the park.

Late afternoon, there was another fundraiser. A local woman had passed away from ovarian cancer a few years ago and her husband and friends have been holding an annual fundraiser to raise funds for ovarian cancer research. They sold 200 tickets at $20 a piece and had a dinner and music night at our camp kitchen. 

Lots of people enjoying the music.

We even had a local star, Canadian Country Music Association recording artist Amanda Hegal.

And a silent auction.

Overall, it was a good day. Not without it's excitement though as a 10 year old boy went missing and we had half the park searching for him at one point. As we expected, he was found in a friends trailer. But, you can't take these things too lightly and you just never know. Glad it was a happy outcome.

We're still under a fire ban here at the park. Provincially, they have lifted the ban but we're still held under a local ban that hasn't been lifted yet. Some of the campers are pretty frustrated and we don't blame them but it's out of our hands. Until we get a phone call from the powers that be, there are still no campfires allowed.

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  1. Wow, busy day for you guys. Congrats to your son!

    1. It was a busy day in the park but not an extra lot of work for us really.

  2. I love the tent above the truck in your cover photo....I'd like to buy one. I wonder if they are available in USA. Wow the parking is hopping this year...I don't remember any posts last year about fund raiser activities...nice to see that. Congrats to son and friend.

    1. Yes, they sell them in the States. Here is a link to one place but there are more places just google "rooftop tent for sale in the USA" www.cascadiatents.com/Roof-Top-Tents.htm?m=87&s=615.html

      Yes, they had some fundraising events last year too just not as much fun as this one was.

  3. What a day - you would have to have eyes in the back of your head to keep tabs on everything. ..don't think I would enjoy the plastic bubble thingie. ..not young & daring enough. .LOL

    1. If I wasn't so busy I would have loved to have tried out those balls.

  4. WOW....congratulations to Alex and Matt. That is outstanding.

    What a wonderful, fun day. With two events going on at one time, I am sure you two are ready for a little down time. That hamster ball cracks me up!

    1. Thanks for the congratulations to the boys, they were definitely impressed with their 2nd place finish. Now they have to train for the Nationals in September.

      Our down time won't come until after the September long weekend, we are actually just hitting our busiest time of the season right now.

  5. Slightly disappointed that there weren't actual hamsters involved ;-) Seems interesting willingly getting into a giant plastic ball - not sure if I would be willing to be a human hamster.

    1. Nope. no little hamsters running around but lots of kids!


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