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Monday, July 6, 2015

Bought a new GPS, and June Expenses

I've been waiting for few months and watching every day for a Garmin GPS to come on sale here in Canada that includes maps of Mexico. And today was the day! Details down below.

And I never published our June expenses, so they follow below as well. Our expenses are pretty consistent while we're here at the park, so unless we buy something extra (like a new GPS!) then there's not much to talk about. But we list them here mostly for our own records, but we know that some of you like to follow our expenses as well.

We spent $848 in the month of June. Not bad. The biggest things there are groceries, internet, and car insurance.

Gasoline: We put $38.77 worth of fuel in the little blue car. We only use the car to go to town once a week. But gas has started to go up in price again. It's risen about 10% since we got here May 1st.

Groceries: $562.32 for the month of June. That's a little better, after spending $623 in May. We're expecting July to be about the same, and then August and September should be quite a bit lower as we use things up prior to leaving here at the end of September.

Miscellaneous: Total of $246.99. The biggest part of our month is usually our internet bill. It was $136.40 in June as we went slightly over our 15 GB allotment the month before and we incurred an extra $15 charge for that. This month should be back below $120. And, $76 for car insurance although that will be reduced for the next three months as I got the $70 rebate for our no claims discount. Other than that, we spent about $36 on other stuff. I bought new socks, and a new wallet, and we had to mail Ruth's Tilley hat in for replacement.

So $848 in June, but July is going to be slightly higher. Why? I just bought a new GPS this morning!

On sale today only at here in Canada is the Garmin 2595LMT. It's not exactly the one I was looking for because it's an older model. However, it does include maps of Mexico and lifetime map updates. And for the price, I didn't think I would be able to do any better. For $119 Canadian it's a deal. The best price I can see in the U.S. is $160 USD, so this is a real deal for Canadian buyers.

(Edit - Now showing as sold out!)

Garmin 2595 LTM Deal of the Day at - Canada

If American buyers can get it to ship there, it's really a deal with the exchange rate benefit.

I can't believe none of you bought one of those hot tubs from yesterday!

Today's deals at - USA


  1. Another pretty good month for expenses and a great deal on your GPS.

    1. We are always very happy when we see our expenses at or under $1000 so yes, this it had been a good month.

  2. I was waiting for you to buy one of those hot tubs and try it out before I bought one. I'm still waiting... :cD

    1. It would be great if we could have one here at the park but then all the campers would want to be in it too! ;-)

  3. You already have an iPhone you could have uploaded off line maps of US and Mexico and other countries for free
    And ran that through your iPhone
    I bought a used galaxy three for $90 and I downloaded the offline Maps for free and the best part when I find free Wi-Fi I have my computer To boot

    1. Please don't get mad when I tell you this but eBay has that Garman GPS. With Several listings for under $100 with free shipping One of the sellers is the next town over from where I live here in Florida


    2. Seems how I don't live in Canada but don't usually get into this particular site but I did find one here for you 95$$free shipping

    3. I like the format of the Garmin GPS system for when I'm driving. I like the iPhone GPS for when I'm walking.

      Not mad at all...your eBay listing at $100 USD is well over $125 CAD and it would still have to be shipped up here to Canada.

      The kijiji listing appears to be gone.

      Also, none of those listings would include the lifetime map updates, and they might not contain the correct mapping software to include Mexico.

  4. Kevin I highly suggest you give an 800 call to Garmin and see if your particular GPS unit is compatible with uploads for Mexico my research only shows North America And do you have to send them the unit Or are you able to upload it online course
    In the boating industry you need to send them the micro card they exchange it and send you back another one for the new updates
    however I'm hoping you're able to upload it online
    The other thing if you come out with $86 USD for that GPS you really need a pat yourself on the back
    When we send stuff down to Androes in the Bahamas we send it as a used item ( switch out the original box ) which doesn't charge tax on the import item only a import fees can you do the same thing in Canada with a fee but no tax

    1. They can be downloaded online without a problem.

  5. You never put your campsite costs? Or insurance on the Sherman? Haven't looked at all the months so maybe I'm missing something?

    1. We always put our campsite costs in when we have campsite costs, if they aren't there that means there were none in that month. During the months from May 1st to September 31st, we don't have any campsite expenses because we work at the campground and are given a mobile home to live in. As for insurance on Sherman it is usually put in as a lump sum in the month that it is paid as well as the additional insurance for when we cross the border into Mexico.


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