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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Sculptures from our travels

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Ruth mentioned the other day that we have a lot of pictures of statues and sculptures. So we thought we would show you some of the more interesting ones. Plus, I don't expect we've ever posted them here before. I tend to put up more landscape type photos here and skip over the artistic ones.

So, here are some photos you've likely never seen here before...

The first one goes back to our trip to Denmark in 1999. We had taken a short ferry boat ride to Sweden, just so that we could say we had been there. We wandered around the town of Malmo, and had lunch. And then we went back to Denmark. We thought it was funny that we can say that we went to Sweden for lunch!

A marching band in Malmo, Sweden.

In 2007, we had taken the ferry from La Paz, Mexico to Mazatlan, Mexico. In Mazatlan, we walked the malecon and had to get a photo of the famous statue "La Sirena". Ruth hopped over the rocks to get in the picture!

Ruth and the Mazatlan Mermaid "La Sirena".

In the fall of 2008, we were heading back to Mexico and we stopped for a visit in Dallas, Texas. After seeing the JFK exhibit, we headed over to the largest public park in downtown Dallas at Pioneer Plaza. There, we found a series of 49 sculptures of a 19th century cattle drive...

Cattle statues in Pioneer Park, downtown Dallas, Texas, USA.

Of course you can't go to Kentucky and not see the statue of Secretariat, one of the greatest racehorses of all time. Secretariat set records in the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes...records that still stand today. We would like to spend more time in Kentucky!

Secretariat statue at Kentucky Horse Park near Lexington.

Statues are popular in Mexico. The central plaza of the city of Sahuayo has a fantastic statue of the Aztec priest Tlahualil. Statues are important to the Mexican people and often depict indigenous history. 

High priest Tlahualil in Sahuayo, Michoacan, Mexico.

One of the best modern sculptures we have seen is in Reykjavik, Iceland. The "Sun Voyager" is commonly misunderstood to be a viking ship, but it's intention was to be a sun ship...simply a vessel heading into the setting sun. Unfortunately, the sculpture was installed at a location where it is not facing west, and therefore is not heading into the setting sun. Still, it's an interesting sculpture.

Kevin and Ruth in Reykjavik, Iceland.

And of course we've seen the Statue of Liberty several times in New York City. Never been right up to it because we can't justify the price or the lineups! But I include a photo here simply because I like the photo with the colors of the evening sky in the background.

Statue of Liberty at dusk.

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  1. Awesome. Ruth and the Mermaid are so much alike, I had to enlarge the photo to figure out which one was Ruth.

  2. I love your statue pics. I agree with first comment.

    1. Thanks Jan, I think we will have to do a Part 2 because Kevin missed a few really good ones, he didn't want to make the post too long.

  3. Great pics thanks for sharing with us.

  4. The pic of Montemorelos seems so much longer ago. Good shot.

  5. Silly Marsha.....Ruth is the one with the hat on!


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