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Monday, July 13, 2015

Another winner, and another contest!

We love giving stuff away here during our time at the park when we're not actually traveling. It's fun for us, and it's fun for you! Our current contest ended Saturday night, and we picked a winner. And our next contest is starting this week. Possibly even tomorrow, we'll see. This next one will definitely be of interest to our RV'ing readers, so stay tuned!

But for now, let's see who won a $200 leather jacket from MotorcycleHouse.com ...

So, Saturday night, after the contest closed, we can't wait to see who won. So, we go to the contest website where their software makes it simple to pick a random winner.

First, we go to the entries page. There were over 3,000 entries!

Then, we click the button that picks a random winner from all of the entries.

And the winner is...Marilyn Lewis!

We sent Marilyn an email right away, and in the morning we had a response. Turns out Marilyn is from Marysville, Indiana and she had this to say...

OMG this is without a doubt the best email to wake up to!! I'll probably get a jacket for my boyfriend since the wind's been killing him on our rides as he always sacrificed his jacket by giving it to me ...we'll see how generous I feel though after the excitement of winning dies down though hahaha!

Ha, ha. Good for you Marilyn...congratulations! Hopefully when Marilyn receives her prize she'll send us a photo of what she chose.

So, stay tuned for our next contest...of particular interest to our RV'ing readers!

On to other things. I needed a new wallet, and so I went on to Amazon.ca to see what was available. Amazon.ca doesn't have nearly the great prices or selection that it's American parent at Amazon.com does, but sometimes there really are deals to be had. This time, I came across a leather wallet that looked really nice, and at $9.99, it was priced right too. And, free shipping and no taxes!

It's about a half an inch taller than normal, but it fits in my pocket no problem.

And it fits all my cards. Nice wallet, with soft leather and it appears well made.

And, it shipped directly from China! How they do all of this for only $9.99 I have no idea. But I'm happy!

And for our American friends, Nerf Blaster toys are on sale today only at up to 50% off. Kids will have a blast with this stuff...


  1. Great fun & I love the Amazon ideas you post everyday :) Iceland reminds me of home here in the northern corner of Washington! Love the rain!

    1. Yep, we had lots of fun with this contest and looking forward to our next one.

      We haven't really spent much time in Washington but we did spent 5 days there last November and it rained every day! Having said that we would love to go back with our motorhome and spend more time there in the late spring or early fall, when we aren't having to work summers anymore.

  2. Love the color of the new wallet. Congratulations to Marilyn.

    1. Kevin likes it too and is very happy with is "frugal" purchase. ;-)

  3. David loves really small wallets. The smaller the better. Your contests are amazing. I don't know how you do it.

    1. I don't think he would like this wallet then.


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