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Monday, July 27, 2015

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro...?

Came across an airfare this morning from Mexico City to Rio de Janeiro. Around $350 USD return for each of us. Definitely a good price, but not a great price. I think if it was a great price, and the Canadian dollar exchange rate was just a little better then we might have booked it.

But going to "Carnival in Rio" does have a certain ring to it, doesn't it?

It's one of those bucket list type of things. Not that we have an official bucket list, but if we did I'm pretty sure that going to what could arguably be called one of the biggest parties on the planet would be on the list!

So we tossed around the idea very quickly, but it just wasn't a good enough price. Something better will come along. Our winter plans have us driving down to Mexico City area in October, then flying to Colombia for six weeks, then back to Mexico City in mid December. We'll then spend some time touring in the motorhome. We want to go back to Puebla, and possibly Veracruz. But that depends. We're hoping to have Ruth's cousin and her husband join us in Mexico sometime in January and so our touring around will depend on where they want to visit.

But when they leave, we'd still like to do one more flight somewhere from either Mexico City or Dallas. Just to go on holiday somewhere for a month or so!

It's almost as much fun planning this stuff as it is taking the actual trip!

Oh...we've got a contest winner for you!

Our giveaway from last week was a free copy of one of the Frugal Shunpiker Boondocking Guides and when we pulled a name out of the hat (electronically speaking!) we were very pleased to see that our friend and long time reader Doug Maus was the winner!

Doug is a boondocker extraordinaire who spends the better part of his current life boondocking in his fifth wheel. So we're very happy to see that the prize will go to someone who will actually get some use out if it!

Congratulations Doug!

They're actually calling for a solid 24 hours or so of rain. That's something we haven't seen yet this year, so we don't mind. It's supposed to start around noon and we're supposed to get around two inches of water.

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  1. I thought that prices was pretty dang good.

    Looks like you two will be having another winter making memories.

    1. For people living in the States it is but once you add on the difference of the Canadian exchange rate it isn't as great a deal as what we would like.

  2. Loots of opportunities for you thats for sure, we be watching you.

    1. Yes,there are always lots of choices out there!

  3. How would you get your costume on the plane? Checked baggage or carry on? A costume for Carnival is a requirement... :cD

    1. We wouldn't have to worry about getting a costume on the plane because we would get an original one there of course! ;-)

  4. I've never been to Carnival en Rio, but from what I've seen, read and heard, complete madness.

    1. We have heard the same and our friends Glen and Steve loved it! We could put up with the madness for a little while just to experience it. :-)


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