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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

One more busy weekend to go

And then the worst is over.

The Canadian August long weekend is the busiest weekend of the year for us here at the park. This year, it's this coming Friday July 31st through Monday August 3. For those dates we've been sold out since the end of June, however there has been the odd cancellation due to harvest coming a little early this year. But when somebody cancels, the vacancy is usually filled the same day.

Speaking of harvest, it hasn't been a great year for most of the farmers. They were seeding early because there was very little snow this past winter. So it stands to reason that harvest is a little early as well. And then we had a severe lack of rainfall. It's almost amazing that there's anything to harvest at all.

But it's raining here now! Too late to make any difference to the farmers, but at least it'll keep our grass green and hopefully it will be enough to remove the fire ban in time for this weekend. People most definitely do not like camping without a campfire!

It started raining yesterday around noon and it's been a steady, fairly hard rain right through the night. It's supposed to back off round noon today and I expect we'll have had between 2" to 3" of rain before it stops. I think that's more rain in 24 hours than we've had since we got here at the beginning of May!

A drizzly view from our front porch this morning.

But, it's supposed to turn nice again tomorrow, and stay that way through the weekend. 

Don't forget to check your tire pressure!!


  1. Gonna be a nice hot dry weekend here too, perfect!

    1. Hopefully the weather forecasters will be right this time! I know that the campers here are really looking forward to a fun weekend.

  2. Iwebhad a huge rain yesterday. We got 2.25" in 30 minutes. Flooding all over the place.

    Good luck this weekend. Hope all goes great.

    1. We had about 2" of rain from Sunday night until Tuesday around lunch time or so. We didn't have any flooding where we are but things were pretty messy, luckily the wind has helped to dry things out a bit.

      We hope it all goes well too!

  3. After some showers last weekend we're on for another heatwave. Our firefighters are still busting their chops, and the dry spell continues. BC keeps on burning.

    1. I hope then that you can get some more rain to help with those fires. Our fire ban has now been removed from the whole of Saskatchewan and I think that all our fires are either out or under control now.


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