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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

All we do is eat and laugh!

Ruth made a comment yesterday that when we're visiting our friends Paco and Oti, all we do is eat and laugh. Yep, that's pretty much true.

Yesterday morning we cleaned up the house where we were staying for the weekend. The goal was to leave it in better shape than when we arrived. But one thing screwed up!

So we put a load of laundry on first thing in the morning, and included the sheets from the bed we had slept in. Along with that were a few of our things, as well as a towel.

Went to hang up the laundry when the machine was done, and the red colored sheets had made the beautiful new white longer white! Pretty sure you can guess what color it was. Along with a white t-shirt of Ruth's. Even a green facecloth had streaks of pink in it! So we're guessing the sheets were new. Oh well. We let our friends who own the house know, but they didn't seem too concerned. Just one of those things.

I would normally be posting our November expense report right about now, but due to the failure of our big laptop a week into the month I don't yet have all of the information because there were a few days of expenses on the hard drive that I saved. When we get back to the motorhome today, I have a hard drive reader there and I'm going to try a few different things to see if I can access that info.

Our friend Chago was coming in to Toluca with a friend of his yesterday anyhow, so we didn't have to take the bus. He said that if we wanted to give him 100 pesos towards gas money, that would be fine. Much faster than taking the bus...especially with Chago driving on the cuato (toll highway) as if he was in a Formula 1 race!

We made it back to Paco and Oti's and visited for a while. Then, we were off to a restaurant for a late lunch. The restaurant was in someone's home. These types of places are fairly common in Mexico. They're called "comida casera" (the direct translation is "home cooking") and you usually would only know about them through a friend. There are no signs so as an outsider they aren't always easy to find.

Kevin, Ruth, Roberto, Chago, Paco, Oti.

The food was delicious, and the total bill was only 240 pesos ($21.00). Not quite sure how they do it, but this woman has been doing it for 12 years so there is obviously a recipe for success. 

Returning to the house, I had an afternoon nap on a nice full stomach, and Ruth sat out in the garden with Paco and Oti. Later, we went to another restaurant for pazole. Again, seems like all we do is eat and laugh!

It's been too quick a visit to this area. Next time, we'll plan on a couple of weeks. And, we'll bring the motorhome. One thing we've learned from the last three weeks of being in Mexico is that we should be doing it in the RV. Even if it's a little more expensive due to the price of gas!

So, today we fly to Puerto Vallarta! When we get there, we will take the local bus from the airport to Valle de Banderas, then a five minute taxi ride to where the motorhome is parked!

I noticed that one of you bought a new GPS through our links to

This is exactly the unit that we want to buy when we get to the states next month. It includes free map updates for life, and includes maps of Mexico! And, it's a great price!


  1. I have one of these GPS's it is the best thing since sliced bread can't go without it. So good to see you are having a great time, We are heading for like I say only 40 Days that's because of insurance heading to Yuma then heading across to Texas time to sell the trailer and look at getting a bigger motorhome. Not too big tho Happy travels hope one day I can see Mexico

    1. Yep, Kevin has had his eye on this GPS unit for a while now.

      Hope you have a good time in Yuma and that you have no problems selling your trailer in Texas. Have fun and hope you have good weather.

  2. Eating and laughing is such a great way to enjoy this lifestyle.
    Back to Sherman will be nice and even less expensive than eating in restaurants.

    1. Eating and laughing is great but some where in there you need to add some exercise otherwise the pounds/kilo start to add up!

  3. So is the big plan to ultimately drive Sherman back to Cabri?

    1. To be totally honest Dugg, we don't have a plan yet!

  4. When you get your nuvi, check to see that it has enough memory to include Mexico and Canada. Mine doesn't even have enough for all of the US and I have to buy a micro SD card.

  5. I hoped that included a little drink with the eating and laughing :) The Amazon deal says "sold out" :(

    1. Believe it or not Chris, it didn't include a lot of alcohol!

      Hopefully Amazon will have another deal down the road.


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