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Friday, December 19, 2014

Moving...but very slowly!

On Wednesday, we made it to Lo de Marcos. A whole 18 kms (11 miles) up the coast!

Not that we're in any rush. But we are wanting to make it to Mazatlan for Christmas, and we want to stop in San Blas for a night or two. So we can't linger too long in one spot. Still, we're now on our fourth different overnight stop and we've only traveled 66 kms (41 miles).

So, here's our route so far since we left Rancho Altarose...

Only 66 kms so far!

We pulled in to the little beach town of Lo de Marcos. It's a quiet little Mexican town, very unlike the zoo that is Sayulita. However, there are 7 or 8 RV parks in town and it's a popular location for RV'ers who come to stay the entire winter in one spot.

The entrance road to Lo de Marcos.

The road to the RV parks has a nice pond that is popular with the birds!

A great blue heron, a sandpiper, and some black bellied whistling ducks! (Thanks to our facebook fans for the help!)

We spent one night at the Tlaquepaque Resort and while we were there we had an email from Donna and Bob, a couple from Michigan who have been following our travels for a few years and wanted to know if we could meet up. They're staying in one lace this winter, and it happened to be Lo de Marcos! So yes...we love meeting the people who read this blog.

We decided to move to a park at the other end of the beach. We were in Lo de Marcos for a day back in 2011, and while it's not the type of place we would spend any length of time, it does have an attraction and we can understand why some people do. Back then, we had seen a park called "La Parota" and had liked it the best of the parks we had looked at. So we decided to come down here, and now we've also decided to stay yet another day!

We met up with Donna and Bob. Turns out they're staying at the park right next door! They invited us to go to the market in La Penita, a few miles up the highway, so off we went.

Bob, Donna, and Ruth at the malecon in La Penita.

The beach at La Penita. Not the best for swimming, although the pelicans love it!

Yep, this is Mexico.
 We often think that Canada and the U.S. have too many rules. But sometimes Mexico doesn't have enough.

Back at Lo de Marcos, Ruth and Bob and Donna went to the Christmas celebration and parade. Most of it is sponsored by the winter expat population, and there are even gifts for the kids. I didn't go because I stubbed my toe quite badly (ouch!) and it's quite sore to walk on. But Ruth took some photos...

Lots of people!

People, dogs, and horses.

Everybody loves a parade!


Nice outfits!

The big guy and the missus!

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  1. That's the beauty of travelling without reservations, you can go at the pace you choose! I would rather do it that way whenever possible, just really hard to do when you want to cover a lot of ground in a short time!
    That motorbike family could be in Vietnam!

    1. I had one guy say to me " You didn't make reservations!", I said no, we rarely make reservations. I guess if you plan to stay in one place for the season it might be prudent but otherwise, I really don't see it being necessary. We always seem to find somewhere to stay.

      As for the motorbike family, we see that almost anywhere where gas prices are high(er) for the local population!

  2. You're not alone, clams move very slowly :) I love the colors on the black bellied whistling ducks, beautiful.

    1. I love that way of thinking, plus it gives you time to see more!

  3. In Bali they ride on cycles the same way just add a huge offering on the head and you are good to go, do not know if Peter can find a shot of this to share.

    1. Yep, we have definitely seen this in a number of different countries that we have visited. We once saw a motorcycle, at least we think it was a motorcycle under a pile of bread being delivered in the Dominican Republic (you could hardly see the motorcycle under the bread).


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