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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Busloads of kids have arrived!

It rained yesterday morning, which is odd for this time of year. The dry season has begun, and usually that means no rain for months at a time. But it had cleared up by 10:00am, and we decided to go for a walk.

One of the things we like about this area is that there are lots of country trails to walk on that surround the farm fields.

Lots of different crops in the fields, including corn, watermelon, pineapple, and cucumber. Also some groves of mangos.

The hills of dirt are to grade the road with. The grader will show up at some point over the next month or two!

Corn. Or, this could be sorghum.


Lots of wild flowers.

Ruth, admiring the green scenery!

We're in for a kind of a different weekend here at the RV park. Garry had booked a local Scout troop from Puerto Vallarta to do some kind of jamboree. They were told maybe 150 kids, then the number dropped to 80. So we weren't sure how many to expect. Some adults showed up on Thursday and set up some tents, and they spent most of Friday setting up some kind of obstacle course in the field. Oh, and a huge campfire for tonight!

That's gonna be a big fire!

Sure enough, last night around 6:00pm the buses started arriving. 

The Scouts have arrived!

There were three bus loads. 

We're thinking somewhere between 75 and 100 kids. There is no "Boy Scouts" or "Girl Guides" in Mexico...simply Scouts and it is for both boys and girls. Apparently they are aged 9 to 17.

So, it should be interesting to watch some of the goings on here at the park today.

However, we will be gone for a couple of hours. We're off to find a map! Our Mexico map book is up in Saskatchewan because we had it with us last time we drove the little blue car north. Plus, it's about 7 years old now so we were due for a new one anyhow.

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  1. Sounds like you are going to have a huge crowd their for your entertainment.

    1. We did have a good crowd and everyone enjoyed themselves. The kids were all well behaved and the leaders had them busy all day long.

  2. I had a friend get a Guia Roji once when he made a trip to Aguascaliente. He had a hard time finding one, but finally had luck at a book store.

    1. We stopped at a big Pemex station and the OXXO there had one.

  3. Always love your country walks - so lovely at this time of the year - our walks are very snowy but that's ok, too!
    Connie in PA

    1. We love our country walks too, we never know what we are going to see! Snowy walks are pretty as well, just as long as they aren't real cold and last for months and months. ;-)

  4. Scouts Canada passed a motion in 1998 to no longer allow discrimination based on gender. So scout troops in Canada are all coed now too.
    Beautiful scenery, love seeing all the green!

    1. I remember when that was passed but you still don't see lots of girls in the Scouts. Here there is only the one both both the boys and the girls.

      I guess you must be seeing lots of white right now. How long before you can head south?

    2. We are counting the days Ruth, 15 of them! Yes, lots of white, slush and sloppy roads. Just so used to heading south for our winters, we feel in limbo hanging around so long.
      The good news is that I will have most of my family around for Christmas this year!

    3. I bet you feel in limbo but it won't be long now and it will certainly be nice to spend Christmas with family!

  5. Good, after the bonfire Kevin can march out there and tell the rowdy hooligans to keep it quiet. Once a park manager, always a park manager :)

    1. Nope he is off duty until May, he'll leave that job up to the leaders! Actually they were really good, things got quiet sometime after midnight but they weren't real noisy or rowdy. We enjoyed watching them have a good time.


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