Chatuchak Park in Bangkok, Thailand.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Bangkok, Thailand.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Ayutthaya, Thailand.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

We're on the road!

But before we could move the motorhome, we had to move the puppies! You'll remember that six puppies were born underneath Sherman just over a week ago. Mom had made a sort of a nest under there, and they were quite happy.

But, we had to get on the road so Garry built her a new nest.

Ruth pulled all of the puppies out from under the motorhome and put them in a basket...

A basket full of puppies! 

The shell of an old washing machine makes for a good dog house!

Yep, this'll do fine!

And I fired up the motorhome, and pulled out through the trees. Except, right away I noticed that the brakes weren't quite right. You'll remember that we did a brake line repair last week. The mechanic had only bled the brakes at the connection itself, which I didn't think was the right way to do it at the time, but the pedal felt fine. I never did start it up then, so didn't try it with the brake booster with the engine running.

Long story short, there was still some air in the line. So I crawled under to bleed them again. Pain in the butt! They don't give you any room under there to work. But, we got the job done and the brakes are now fine.

We totally enjoyed our stay at Rancho Altarose. Thanks to Garry and Jean for being great hosts...we'll be back another year!

Didn't pull out until almost 11:30am, but we knew we weren't going far.

First stop, the big MEGA grocery store. Just to stock up on a few things because we don't know when we'll be at another larger type of store. Hopefully this side of Mazatlan before we head into the mountains after Christmas.

Sherman, parked up at the MEGA superstore north of Puerto Vallarta.

From there, it was only about 20 minutes drive to La Cruz, on the north shore of the Puerto Vallarta bay. Our new friends Pat and Geraldine from Louisiana have a little Toyota motorhome with a roof leak that's giving them a bad time and we wanted to see if we could help them out at all. Besides, it was kind of along our route anyhow, and the owner said that we could park for the night for 100 pesos ($8.20).

Not the most scenic spot!

But it was only for a night.

Had a look at their roof and found a couple of spots that could need some caulking. Roof leaks are a tough thing because very often where you see the water on the inside isn't even close to where the water actually enters on the outside. We let the caulking dry overnight, and we'll put some water on it this morning before we head out and we'll see if there's any leakage.

This morning, we're going to drive around the point and up to Sayulita. There's an RV park there, but it's quite expensive so I doubt we'll stay there. Last time we were in Sayulita, we simply parked on the street!

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  1. Puppies, scorpions, brakes and roof leaks, what comes next? ;c)

    1. We saw a nice big spider in here the other evening but it got away from us! Hopefully it is far away from us now!!!

  2. Very nice of you to stop and try to help your friends with their leak. Safe travels! Bet Sherman is glad to finally be back on the road. He's waited patiently a long time.

    1. We did a water test on it the next morning and it looks like the sealing of the window and the screws under the trim have made a difference. I guess they will know for sure when they have the next rain fall.

      Yes, Sherman is definitely happy to be on the road again and so are we.

  3. Seeing the motorhome in front of Mega says you are really on the road in Mexico! Cool!


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