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Saturday, December 20, 2014

RV Parks in Lo de Marcos

At last count, there were around 8 or 9 different RV parks in the little town of Lo de Marcos. The other day we showed you the granddaddy of them all, the fully equipped Tlaquepaque Resort. We have seen all of the other parks in the area, and chose what we think is the best of the rest.

So, here's a look at where we've been for the last two nights...the La Parota RV Park.

This park is only in it's fourth season, so the greenery and trees are still growing. But that's one of the main reasons we like this park. There is actual greenery and trees! Some other parks in the area look more like fancy gravel and concrete parking lots. Not our style.

That's got to be one of the tallest palm trees we've ever seen!

There are 42 sites here at La Parota. About 10 of them empty right now. That's great for us, because we like our space! In my mind, the absolute worst thing about RV'ing would be opening my blind in the morning and having to stare at another RV parked only 10 feet away. 

Sherman chose a site far away from everybody else.

Considering there are over 30 rigs here, the wifi internet connection has worked really well for us. RV'ers know that campground wifi across North America can be iffy at best and is often not up to the standard that it should be, so it's refreshing to get logged on to a decent connection with this many people here.

Electricity is metered for stays of longer than a week. Just the way it should be, although we think it should be metered for weekly and daily stays as well. Every site has a meter so it wouldn't be difficult to institute that option. Our site has only 15 amp electricity, I'm not sure about the others. No idea why anyone would need any more than that anyhow. The temperature here has been perfect, with a breeze and highs around 27C (81F). We can never figure out why anyone would want their air conditioning on with perfect weather like that!

The main washroom, shower, and laundry building.

Nice facilities.

Shower stalls. Lots of hot and cold water.

The rooftop patio, with some of the ladies doing crafts.

Yep, everyone welcome!

View from the rooftop patio.

There are two things that we really like about La Parota RV Park. 

First, the owner. Juan Jose is simply a nice guy. Friendly, easy to get along with, and helpful in every way. That goes a long way in our decision to stay at this park.

Second, the prices. Every park in this area is fairly expensive, but that's because they're almost all located right on a beautiful beach. However, Juan Jose is one of the few that holds it's prices in pesos, and not U.S. dollars. He even explains his thinking on their website, and he's exactly correct. 

"While living in Mexico, it is generally customary to pay for everything in pesos.  Unlike other RV parks who price in dollars to take advantage of the float, we price in pesos.  Feel free to pay us in any currency we can easily exchange, including US and Canadian Dollars, Euros, and the like."

In fact, it's one of the reasons we refuse to pay for anything priced in U.S. dollars while we're in Mexico. Essentially, if something is priced in U.S. dollars, you are being taken advantage of. It's that simple.

The reason people come here.

 The beach is beautiful, and good for swimming. And considering there are so many RV'ers at the various campgrounds, it's surprisingly uncrowded. La Parota is also located at the best end of the beach!

There is a restaurant on site. The owner's daughter Anna is going to school in Guadalajara to become a certified chef, and she operates the restaurant along with two of her schoolmates.

All you can eat breakfast buffet for 69 pesos ($5.65).

Restaurant with view.

We enjoyed our stay at La Parota. But, it's time to move on! No idea where we're staying tonight, but we're headed about 90 kms (55 miles) north along the coast towards Aticama. Never been there, so this will be a new drive for us!


  1. Hi K&R ,love your pic,you did´t mention the rates in La Parota trailer park and yes this is my kind of park too.enjoy.

    1. Kevin included a link to their rates just above the picture of the beach where he says that he can understand why people come here.

  2. Tioga George use to stay in Aticama while he was in Mexico. You'll enjoy it.

    1. It looks like a beautiful area but the bugs are just too much for us and because of that we really didn't enjoy the area as much as we would like to have.

  3. We can quite easily get by on 15 amp electricity, no problem. Looks like a nice spot.

    1. People like you and us can, but I think the majority of RV's would have a difficult time with getting by on 15 amp service.

  4. Love that roof top patio with the cool shade. They've come up with some very clever ideas.
    Sort of cringed at the way the flags are displayed. Somebody's bound to say something about having all three on the same pole but hey, it's THEIR country and they can shove flags up there any way they like I would think.
    I'm a little sketchy on the "rules", but think there's something about having three nations flags on the same pole. Whatever.

    1. We enjoyed the rooftop patio, we didn't notice any bugs up there! As for the flag pole not sure about the rules but then this is Mexico so just about anything goes here. :-)

  5. La Parota looks like a wonderful place to stay. It looks very clean and all the facilities are lovely. Interesting to hear your take on the pricing of things. If I EVER get to Mexico, I'll remember that.

    1. We really enjoyed our stay at La Parota, everybody seems friendly especially Juan Jose the owner. He gives Spanish classes 3 times a week included in your stay!

      As for pricing we think everything should we priced in pesos when in Mexico. If you are quoted in US dollars, then you are paying to much, especially if you are Canadian!

  6. That sounds pretty reasonable. I still think rv parks would do well if they had primitive sites. Less expense for the park and a lower price for the customer. No luck on boondocking sites?

    1. You are totally right Chris! We wish more places provided primitive sites. I guess we are just coasting right now, but I am sure you will see us doing this more as we move along.

  7. Wow, I think you've hit the jackpot! Wish it had been there when last we were. Makes me want to go back...

    1. Come on down Lynda, there are lots of pretty areas all around Mexico that need to be enjoyed!


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