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Friday, December 12, 2014

Rancho Altarose RV Park

We really like it here. We're out in the country, and yet we're only 25 kms (15 miles) from Puerto Vallarta. It's quiet, and we have beautiful views of the hills from our side window. Occasionally a tractor, or a couple of guys on horseback will go down the road beside us.

It's about 20 minutes to walk in to town.

Garry and his wife Jean moved here from Alberta. They bought the property and had some friends suggest that they put in some RV sites, and they would come to visit. So he did! I think there are about a dozen official sites, but the trees have grown so much that they'd have to do some trimming to get more than a few units in!

Right now, there are only three rigs here. Kenny is also from Alberta, and he lives here full time in his motorhome. The other couple is Rick and Patty. They're from Washington and they've bought a piece of property south of here. They're trying to sort out some paperwork in Puerto Vallarta so they're staying here while they do that.

They have a neat little RV. It's got to be the shortest class C unit ever built! It's only 19 feet long.

Sitting out at happy hour.

It even has a slide out.

Garry has a little side business operating quad bike rides into the hills around here. He'll take you out on a pretty good tour including a stop at the "tequila ranch" for $50 USD per person. We've been out before, and it's a lot of fun!

Quad ATVs for rent.

They have a website at

The puppies are doing well. They're still living under the motorhome, but they'll have to be moved sometime soon because we're heading out on Monday morning.

Ruth, holding one of the puppies.

One of the things that we had run out of is pure maple syrup. We try to stay pretty well stocked up on this, but our stash had run dry! Rick and Patty went in to Costco the other day and brought us back a full litre of this liquid gold! And only 123 pesos ($10.00). That's cheaper than in Canada!

Yep. Pancakes for breakfast this morning!!!

It's actually raining this morning! Supposed to be cloudy all day, with the sun returning tomorrow.

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  1. Yep, just bought that exact bottle of syrup for about $13 CAD! Enjoy!

    1. We can't understand how we can buy Canadian Maple Syrup down here for a better price than what we pay in Canada. It boggles the mind!

  2. Glad you got a jug of maple syrup, withdrawal symptoms are not fun... ;c)

  3. Puppies are so cute. Very interesting this gathering of Canadians there near Puerto Vallarta . Looks like a great spot. I love your horsey neighbor. Also love that little RV. Looks perfect for a solo although a fulltimer might have trouble with that little refrigerator.

    1. The puppies are so cute and so quiet. Missy is doing a great job being a mommy! Ringo the horse loves to eat our compost, ie: veggie cuttings and fruit peel. Not sure how big their refrigerator is but I would bet it isn't much smaller than the one we have and ours serves us just fine, maybe we will have to have ask if we can see the inside sometime over the next few days.

  4. I'd love to see the interior of that little RV.... I love it! Those big dog crates don't travel with them, do they?

    1. We'll see if we can have a look inside sometime over the next couple of days.

      Yes those two big dog crates travel with them. They have four dogs, two little yorkies and two big dogs, can't remember what kind they are but they also travel with a big four door, four wheel drive truck. As Kevin mentioned they are moving here so they have all their worldly possessions with them. The truck also pulls a utility trailer.

  5. Okay you guys, ask if you can do a photo tour of the rv. :)

    1. OK, we will ask and tell them that inquiring minds what to know!

  6. And that Maple Syrup is Grade A! We had to settle for Grade C in Austria! Well harrumph!


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