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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Hiking in Albania, Kosovo, and Montenegro.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Porto, Portugal on June 25th!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Getting Ready For Our Next Hike!

You would think that we would be resting up for a while after the weekend we had. Well we did take a bit of a rest day. But some of it was spent getting ready for our next hike, the 6 day grand excursion from Nebaj to Todos Santos that leaves today!

Our legs were pretty sore yesterday. We figured the best thing to do was give them a light  workout, just to keep them limber! So we went for a stroll over to the central plaza which is only about 10 minutes away. First, we dropped off our laundry to have it washed, dried, and folded for 16 quetzales ($2.16). Might as well start the hike with fresh clean clothes at that price!

We like the central plaza here!

Every bank has an armed guard. They carry these fancy pistol style shotguns!

We wandered around a little and then Ruth found a used clothing store and went to check for a pair of hiking pants. Turned out that she found some capris she liked, but Ruth is becoming a tough negotiator and they couldn't come to an agreement. They got to the point where Ruth was offering 25 quetzales ($3.38) and they wanted 30 quetzales ($4.05). Neither would budge, so Ruth walked away. We didn't want to overpay like we did with my haircut!

While she was doing that, I stood outside and took some photos.

Even down here, everyone has a cell phone!

Then we bought a couple of bags of cut up fruit and went and had a seat under a tree in the central park. It's not really warm, just right at about 24C (74F) but the sun is very strong. It was fun just people watching, and it was such a beautiful day.

People watching in the park.

We went back to Casa Argentina and Ruth made some quesadillas for lunch. Then, we washed our tent. What a mess it was from all the moisture and wind from being on the top of the volcano! Much better now, though it took a lot of rinsing.

We went and had a nap before our 5:00pm meeting for our big hike.

Meeting our new hiking friends!

Our guides, Lindsey, David, and Ollie showing us our route!

Turns out there are 11 hikers going on this trip, and 3 guides. A total of 9 females and 5 guys. We will be getting together at 7:15am this morning and having breakfast, then a twenty minute walk to the bus station where we will catch a chicken bus for a three hour ride north. Then, another two hours in a microbus on twisty mountain roads to the village of Nebaj. We'll overnight there, and start our hiking where we'll be doing about 65 kms (40 miles) over four days, before heading back here on Sunday the 24th.

You won't be hearing from us again until then! Have a great week everybody, and we look forward to telling you about our experience when we return!

(I have just learned that some of you may not know that you can view our photos in their full glory simply by clicking on the photo. It will then magically appear as full size on your computer screen. Depending on your browser, you then just click the "back" arrow near the top left of your screen to return to the blog post.)


  1. Guess Mum didn't like the capris enough to pay the extra 67 cents...

    1. Lol, wondered if anyone would comment on that. I didn't want to pay "gringo" prices!

  2. Enjoy you tour, looking forward to the pictures.

  3. Your header photo is fantastic!

    I love the photo of the guides holding the map. What a hoot.

    Hope you have a wonderful trip!

    1. Yep, we loved that photo too!

      The guides are great at letting you know more or less what you are in for and this map helped to show the hills we were going up and down and the little villages we would be going through. They really are great at keeping things in a fun and friendly fashion.

  4. This is so exciting. I can hardly wait to see the pictures - I'm sure they will be incredible.

  5. Will be waiting anxiously to hear all about your trip. Have a great time!
    Grace (in Tucson)

  6. Should be a good hike. The one and only time I went on a six day hike, it was about 1978, and it was on the Bruce Trail, right here in good ole Ontario. We weren't exactly all that far from "civilisation", but it was hiking and sleeping under the stars just the same.
    Have fun.
    Hope it's warm.

    1. We weren't actually sleeping under the stars on this hike. The weather was great for hiking but the nights were pretty chilly.

  7. Howdy R&K,
    Thank you, for the wonderful pics, Kevin and congratulations on the completion of the climb!!!
    Kilimanjaro, then Everest, the Matterhorn; where will it stop??? Sherman's sure gonna look good when you get back!!! Just don't let the bandits get Ruth!!!!! Hope y'all work all of the kinks out and see lots of pretty sights!!!

    1. Hopefully Kilimanjaro will be on our agenda sometime in the future.

  8. Fabulous header shot. Stay safe and have fun.


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