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Monday, February 4, 2013

Accurate information

Even with all of the resources available on the internet, it is still sometimes difficult to get accurate information. We've been doing a lot of research regarding our upcoming Guatemala trip and one of the things we've been trying to find out is how much we will have to pay to cross the border.

I've even asked the Guatemala facebook page for info. They directed me to their government immigration site, but I can't find the info there either. When I told them that, they didn't get back to me. I did find a few sites that mentioned fees, but nothing that had what I felt was updated info. The best I can figure out is that we have to pay 18 quetzales ($2.50) for fumigation, 160 quetzales ($21) for the car import fee, and maybe 10 quetzales ($1.30) for a tourist permit depending on the mood of the border guy.

Of course there are a lot of people at the border looking to take away as much (or at least a little) of your money as possible. So it helps to know what the official fees are so you don't get taken advantage of.

Anyhow, the research continues.

In the meantime, we continue to enjoy relaxing in Puerto Escondido. Yesterday, we took Mary, Alfredo, and the kids down to the main beach. Went for a walk to a playground for Nataly, sat in the shade because it was baking hot, and then had an ice cream.

Playa Principal.

Nice family photo. Mary, Nataly, Gael, Alfredo.

Playa Zicatela.

Nice playground for Nataly.

And then we took them back home so that we could attend the Superbowl party at the Sunset Point Resort Hotel. It ended up that the party was just the guys because all of the ladies went out for dinner. So Ruth enjoyed a rare evening out with the girls while the guys watched the game.

Turns out we had a minor earthquake in this area around 11:30pm last night. We had just gone to sleep and I had dropped off right away and didn't feel a thing, but Ruth felt it.

We're going to go off and research all of the RV parking possibilities here in Puerto Escondido. Stay tuned for tomorrow's post with all of the details.


  1. Sounds like a great day, hope you enjoyed the superbowl party.

  2. Please be sure you include big rigs. So hard to find spots in Puerto Escondido.

  3. Hope you enjoyed the game and the bloke time.

    1. Kevin isnt really a football fan but yes, he did enjoy the game with the guys.

    2. I guess I am a fan. I watched it in Spanish in Oaxaca! As usual, my team lost.

  4. Thanks for all the research on crossing into Guatemala. We need to know it too as we'll be crossing in a month. We can probably find out from your experience as you're going sooner than us. Great fun at the Sunset Super Bowl party. We would have loved to have been there but watched from a packed bar here in San Cristobal with our coats on the whole time and everyone in the room a Ravens fan. And us die hard 49er fans had a tough time but it was a fun evening anyway. Thanks for all the good posts and great photos! Hugs to you both. Bonnie and Dave

    1. When we do the crossing we will try to put in as much info as possible. It sounds pretty intimidating from what we have been reading but if you can ignore all the people trying to assist you (for money), it shouldn't be too bad.

      It may have been cold there but at least you got to watch the game. I am sure you would have loved being here for it.

  5. Went to the library and checked out the Merde book. Thanks


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