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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Camping in Huatulco

There is really only one option for camping in Huatulco. But it's a pretty decent option if you don't need to be plugged in to electricity. We've been here before with the motorhome, and now we're here with the little blue car and the tent! Let me tell you how our day went yesterday...

We planned on leaving Puerto Escondido around 9:00am. By the time we got the little blue car all packed up and drove over to say final goodbye's to Mary and the kids (Alfredo had gone to work already) it was about 9:30am, so not too bad.

Uneventful drive to Huatulco. We've been on this road quite a few times before, so we knew what to expect. The Huatulco airport is on the way, so we stopped in there to see what their story was on our tourist visas. They said not to worry about it, and if we're leaving to Guatemala they will give us new ones when we return. So apparently it's not a big deal!

Checked a few places to see if we could get a deal on a room, but the beach areas of Huatulco are more expensive than Puerto Escondido so we headed over to the campground.

As we drove in, we saw a fifth wheel parked up with a Canadian flag. So we pulled up behind it to say hello. As we did so, we heard a voice exclaim "Hey, it's the little blue car!"

Too funny!

It was Joyce and David, a couple we had met in this exact spot three or four years ago! They've been following the blog, so they were expecting us. We sat and chatted with them for an hour or so before we decided to set up the tent.

Joyce, David, and Kevin

Joyce and David are from Ontario, and there are also two units here from Quebec.

This is a nice enough campground and they have decent showers and toilets. There's a water supply, and a dump station but no electricity. So you need to be self sufficient for your own electrical supply. But it's only a  two minute walk to the beautiful beach that the big resorts are on at Tangolunda Bay. And it's only 50 pesos per person, so about $8 a night for camping. 

Tent camping in Huatulco.

We drove over to the nearby town of La Crucecita where we knew there was a typical Mexican (non touristy) place for pollo assado (roast chicken). We had a delicious dinner of chicken, rice, beans, tortillas and salsa for a grand total of 70 pesos ($5.75) for the two of us!

Today, we have a choice of going to what is supposed to be a fantastic waterfall about an hour and a half away up in the mountains...or snorkeling at the amazingly calm beach at Playa La Entrega nearby. Ruth will make the choice, even though it's my birthday today! Doesn't really matter to me, but given a choice I would probably choose the snorkeling. We will be seeing lots of waterfalls in Guatemala!

Playa La Entrega. Best snorkeling beach in the area!

This guy is about 4 feet long. Ruth spotted him on the other side of the fence from where our tent is set up.


  1. Another great camping spot and running into friends again is always fun. Enjoy your birthday today, no matter where you go, we will have a cervesa or two for you and go out for supper to celebrate.

  2. Given that's obviously a coast redwood in the foreground, that monster lizard looks like a good 63 footer to me! A good day to cumple your años!

  3. What a beautiful playa. We chose Isle Mujeres over this several years back but next time we'll definitely go to Huatulco!
    Grace (in Tucson)

  4. Happy Birthday, Kevin! Love the header pic - looks like circles of mountains all around - what a neat place. Too funny about "Hey, it's the little blue car!" Have a great day you two!!

  5. Its a small world isn't it. Looks like there are a lot of adventuresome Canadiens out there. Definitely another beautiful spot. The water looks amazing.

  6. Happy Birthday! The snorkeling is pretty good there - I didn't see much but it was my first time trying it so maybe I just didn't know what I was doing! I did enjoy the beach and all the locals there - they thought our little blonde boy was pretty cute.

  7. butterbean carpenterFebruary 7, 2013 at 5:14 PM


    Y'all fall into the best situations, camping with 4' lizards; seeing old friends from 'home';getting to 'bully' Ruth into snorkeling, instead of hiking to see a BEAUTIFUL, MAJESTIC WATERFALL!!!
    Thank you, for taking us on y'alls journey; it's a BLAST!!! I hope that a whale doesn't decide he wants 'Canadian-bacon' for lunch!!!

  8. How cool to run into your RV friends at the same place!

    As for the 4 footer, well, I don't think I would want him crawling in the t tent with me~! ACK!

    Karen and Steve
    RVing: This Country Is Our Big Backyard

  9. Your pollo assado sounds a great deal. You sure have a hard life! Love the way your photos help compliment your postings.

  10. God preserve you many years and with that vitality. congratulations

  11. what´s the name of this campground? contact info?

    1. Hi Jessica. The entrance road to the Huaulco campground is located right beside the golf course that is beside the big Barcelo resort on the Tangolunda beach road. I doubt any contact info exists. It's called Club de Playa Tangolunda.


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