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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Huatulco to Puerto Arista

Just a short update this morning, and sorry it's late. There is no decent internet here, and even though we do get a cell signal, the internet is slow as molasses, so no pictures!

We left Huatulco early; actually hit the road just before 8:30am because we knew it was going to be a long driving day. Not really that far, our destination of Puerto Arista was about 380 kms (236 miles). Still that's a long day for us, and even in the little blue car you don't expect to get anywhere fast.

In fact, three hours of non stop driving later, we had only managed 177 kms, so not even half way!

Didn't take very many photos along the way. We decided to take the free road that goes through Salina Cruz instead of the toll road that bypasses it. Definitely slower going, and if we had Sherman with us we would have paid the extra on the toll road. The little blue car did fine, but traffic is heavy and there's lots of topes. The only really interesting part was in the area just after Salina Cruz where it's flat and windy. There are literally hundreds of wind generators. We had been through this area heading in the other direction about four years ago and there were a few, but now there are hundreds. The wind never stops. Don't know how anybody could live there, but people do!

Pulled in to Puerto Arista at about 2:15pm. We had driven non-stop for almost six hours to do 380 kms (236 miles)! You don't need to stop for bathroom breaks because you sweat it all out of your system! Not an enjoyable drive and one of the reasons we were hesitant in the first place.

But now we're here at Jose's cabanas and camping. Jose is an expat Canadian originally from Deep River, Ontario but he's been here about 30 years. He's got a few cabins that rent for 300 pesos ($24.60) with it's own bathroom, or 225 pesos ($18.50) per night with an exterior shared bathroom. Or 50 pesos $4.10) per person camping. So we got our tent set up!

It's a pretty sleepy place. Quite a few Mexicans come here from the city of Tuxtla Guiterrez for a day at the beach, so today being Sunday it's a little busier than it would be during the week. But it's hot...and humid! You only need to walk from the tent to the bathrooms and you start to sweat. As we've found in the past, we're good for a couple of weeks at the beach but now we've had enough and are looking forward to getting back to the mountains and the fresh air!


  1. butterbean carpenterFebruary 10, 2013 at 2:38 PM

    Howdy R&K,
    Do y'all have hammocks or are there any trees to hang'em from??
    I can't even think about tent camping in humididity; I sweat just thinking about sweating!!! Whoooo!!! How does Jose stay down there if he's from Ottawa?? I've got a friend in Anchorage,AK who can't stand hot weather because his bloods too thick & HE WAS RAISED IN TEXAS!!! Maybe when y'all get to Guatemala it'll be cooler!!! Stay safe and have fun!!!

    1. We have one hammock that we bought while we were in Puerto Escondido but we haven't tried it out yet. Actually by evening it isn't quite as bad and we both slept fine during the night. I think the people that live down here just get used to the heat and humidity. It should definitely be cooler in Guatemala.

  2. All that slow long driving in hot weather must be exhausting. Look forward to getting your mountain reports.

  3. It's nice to always have options, isn't it?

  4. Does the little blue car have A/C? Even with the A/C on in the RV it could not keep up with the heat. We had to keep the dogs shaded as they kept panting and that was with the A/C on.

    1. Nope, no AC in the little blue car. For the most part we really don't need it but for days like this, it sure would have been nice.

  5. Be welcome anytime to my home place Salina Cruz. I'm proud to be born there. Greetings from Jaime Sanchez.

    1. Thank you for the invite Jaime, we will keep you in mind if we come to visit Salina Cruz in the future. We would definitely like to see this area a little more.

      Gracias por la invitación Jaime, le tenga en cuenta si nos vienen a visitar Salina Cruz en el futuro. Sin duda nos gustaría ver a esta zona un poco más.


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