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Friday, February 8, 2013

Huatulco (day 2)

This campground is a kind of a funny location. It has a golf course on one side, and a chunk of forest on the other, and then a big resort. On the other side of the golf course there are two more large resorts...a Barcelo property, and a Dreams resort.

We sat out for a while in the morning and watched the birds. It's a great place for bird watchers.

You know you're pretty far south when you can see birds like this in the wild!

Then we went for a walk on the beach before it got too hot. Like I said, this beach has three large resorts on it, and so there's lots of people from Canada here. It seems odd to be camping in a tent on the same beach as these people!

The Dreams resort on the right, and the Barcelo resort on the left.

Looking back at the resorts from "our" end of the beach.

Then we went back and had an early lunch and decided what to do for the afternoon. We ended up driving over to Playa La Entrega which is a really pretty beach and very calm so it's great for snorkeling.

View from our table.

We sat at a typical palapa restaurant. I thought the prices were pretty expensive so I went and checked the menus at some of the other restaurants. Turns out that this area is quite a bit more expensive than Puerto Escondido. I ended up just ordering one beer so that we could actually use the table and the shade. They weren't busy, so it wasn't like we were taking up a spot.

Playa La Entrega

Birthday boy!

We sat out with Joyce and David in the evening and shared a meal together. We solved all of the worlds problems too! Who do we write to with the solutions...?


  1. Happy Birthday. That green bird looks a lot like the green parakeets we saw in Texas. Beautiful beaches!

  2. A perfect way to celebrate your birthday, we had a beer for you too.

  3. Happy Bday!!!!!

  4. butterbean carpenterFebruary 8, 2013 at 9:39 PM

    Howdy R&K,
    HAPPY NATAL DAY, KEVIN!!!! This is a sure good-looking kid you married, Ruth!!! He don't look old enuff to buy beer!!! hee hee One beer and NOTHING FOR RUTH, just to sit in the shade!!!

    Hope that redhead's fair skin turns back normal!!! NOT EVEN A PIC OF RUTH!!!

  5. Happy belated birthday. What a beautiful place to spend it!

  6. I find that particular area to be very expensive. Likely due to all those big resorts. Glad you still enjoyed your one birthday beer.


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