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Friday, February 1, 2013

Sunset Point Resort Hotel

I promised to tell you more about the place we're staying, and there is certainly more to tell. This is not your typical hotel, although the biggest difference comes from the attitude of the owner, not the buildings or the rooms or the services.

The Sunset Point Resort Hotel was built between 2005 and 2009 by the hands of the owner Chris Rex, an Australian from Brisbane who fell in love with the surfing scene here. There are essentially six main structures surrounding the beautiful centerpiece, the huge swimming pool which is said to be the biggest in Puerto Escondido.

Great for cooling off, or doing laps for exercise.

There are essentially 18 rooms for rent here of varying sizes and styles. Ranging from the "Surf Apartments" that rent for about 400 pesos ($32) per night to the "Poolside Penthouse" that rents for 750 pesos ($60) per night. Of course weekly and monthly rates are also available.

There's also a great common area. Even though most apartments have their own little outdoor kitchenette with a fridge and stovetop, every guest is also welcome and encouraged to use the communal area with it's bar, flat screen TV and full kitchen facilities with microwave and oven.

The common area.

Great library, because you will spend a lot of time reading by the pool!

One of the things that stands out is that you are regularly reminded that this place is your home while you are staying here. As such, treat it as you would your home. If you need something behind the counter at the reception area, go get need to ask someone, because there may not be anyone there to ask! Chris may be out picking up or dropping off another guest at the airport. He looks after everybody to make sure everybody is happy!

Because there are only 18 rooms, it's easy to get to know the other guests. Some stay for the entire winter, some for a month or six weeks, and some for only a few days...but everyone who stays, wants to stay longer!

Last night, they had organized a fish fry. They try and do two or three events per week for the guests, sometimes organized by the guests themselves, sometimes by Chris. We each paid 30 pesos ($2.40) and brought a pot luck type dish as well. 

The common area, with everyone chatting at happy hour.

A game of darts on the go.

Two of the guys in charge of cooking. They did a great job!

Nobody said it had to be healthy, but it sure was good!

Next on the agenda is Superbowl Sunday where they have a fun pool on the go. We haven't joined in or read the rules yet, but we may do so before the big game this Sunday. 

Just to be clear, the Sunset Point is NOT a five star playground where you will have your every whim catered to. Because from reading the popular hotel review website at, you would think that it is. 

"Breathtakingly Relaxing"

"Absolutely Incredible"

"The Perfect Stay"

Many other descriptive terms that are similar to those have made the Sunset Point the number two recommendation on that website.

And it's all true...but there are drawbacks. It's off the beaten path and about a ten minute walk to either the main highway or the beach. The roads to get to it are not in good condition, but most visitors won't have their own car anyhow. Maybe a $3 taxi ride to get into town and back to the resort. There are dogs on the property and some people may not be dog lovers. Of course if you're not a dog lover, you shouldn't come to Mexico in the first place.

Lounging by the pool.

Okay, now we're going to show you some of the accommodations...

The kitchenette of one of the poolside penthouse rooms. The main benefit of these rooms is not the room itself, but the fantastic balcony with a view of both the town, the beach, and the sunsets!

Yep. That's all I can say.

Great views.

Down below, the rooms are just as functional, with a small kitchen. Only a ceiling fan and room fan, no air conditioning, but you're only in the room for sleeping so we didn't find that a/c was necessary at all.

Basic room, but a pleasing design.

Owner Chris, with the outdoor kitchen area of the surf apartments.

There's also a self contained villa for rent, with it's own private entrance and swimming pool. You'll have to contact Chris for prices and availability. It's quite nice so it's a popular option!

The Villa!

And it's private swimming pool. Topless sunbather from Europe not included!

And finally, the bungalow. Fully self contained and more suitable for families or small groups.

I can see us coming back here some day. It's a really relaxing spot and it would take no effort at all for a week or two of your life to disappear while you're busy doing nothing at all here!

And of course the reason for the name of the the gorgeous sunsets that appear every evening!


  1. I think I could forgo the negatives to spend a few weeks where you are. It is just a gorgeous area. Enjoy the beauty all around you!

    1. Yes, it is easy here, to just sit back and enjoy the view and beauty.

  2. What a fascinating spot to spend some time. I love that hammock. :)

  3. You two find THE most awesome spots to go to and stay at. Great descriptions and pictures of what looks like a really great place to stay.

    1. Thanks Sherry, I have to admit we do find some wonderful places to stay.

  4. Sunset Point looks the place for us. Relaxation and wonderful hospitality would be a great selling point. Terrific photos!

    1. Thanks Paul! Everyone we have met here so far are pretty laid back and very friendly.

  5. Looks like the perfect place for a winter vacation to get away from it all.


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