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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

San Miguel de Allende (day 2)

First on the agenda was a visit to the Tianguis Mercado. This is a major market in San Miguel that takes place only on Tuesdays. It's definitely one of the larger markets we've been to in Mexico, and you can buy just about anything there.

We went with Wanda and we picked up a friend of hers along the way. It was easy to spend at least an hour just wandering around. We only spent 55 pesos ($4.40), for a battery operated travel alarm clock!

Candies and sweets.

Want beads?

Lots of food!

How about some hardware?

From there, we went back to Irwin and Wanda's and had some lunch. We decided to walk back to el Centro and find the little trailer park where our friends Paula and Jerry have been staying while they're here. Sure enough, we found them and said hello for a half an hour. They're on their way to Hacienda Contreras on Thursday, so we're going to be seeing them again when we return on Friday. 

The Weber's Trailer Park and tennis courts in San Miguel has really only one benefit, and that is it's location so close to the central area. Otherwise, the sites are fairly tight and because it's difficult to get in and out of, you can really only get in there if you are less than 26' long. I think they only have 12 sites, and it was fairly busy. There were a few German units there...have a look at this tank...

Sure you can go anywhere, but would you really want to in this??

Then we went and wandered around the central area. It is an interesting place, with quite a bit to see. There are a lot of churches and cultural centers and art galleries if that's your thing.

Lots of side streets to explore.

Another side street.

The main church is gorgeous. We'll come back at night and get some pictures of it lit up!

Another church.

And yet another.

We went into the Centro Cultural Ignacio Ramirez "El Nigromante" and looked at some of the artwork. Of course some of it we don't get, but there was one room that was kind of neat!

The entire room is itself the piece of art. We were having a good conversation with the security guard.

Made it back in time for a nap before dinner. Wanda and Irwin had two other couples coming over for dinner, and we had lots of lively conversation. 

Fun dinner party with lots of good food!


  1. Looks like a great place to visit - we'll have to put it on the list. I LOVE the 'neat room' at the Cultrual Center!

    Also LOVE the German tank! I think we could travel in that - but you would have to really get off the beaten track to justify it - not sure if I would be up for that these days. Still, pretty neat.

    What fun!

  2. I just loved all the doors in the downtown area with all the carvings.

  3. That is some tank RV! What do they call it? The "Terminator" comes to mind. :c)

  4. That "tank RV" is from The Netherlands, they are Dutch not Deutsch.

  5. This is the famous unfinished Siqueiros mural at Bellas Artes

  6. That 'tank' will go anywhere - but get about 2-3 mpg in the process (if they're lucky)...that is a big pile of money sitting there (well over $100,000 for the vehicle itself, I'm sure...not to mention shipping it from Europe. Yikes!)

  7. Sorry for the hasty visit yesterday! We'll see you both here at Hacienda soon for a more leisurely chat! It is so darn good to be back here! Enjoy the remainder of your stay in SMA and safe travels back to V de J!

  8. More wonderful travels. But can't see driving that tank.

  9. La Parroquia is the name of the main church in SMA but the word actually means parrish church so there are many of them but this one in SMA is the most famous and probably most photographed. I could be wrong (I often am) but my understanding is one of the things that makes this church so unique and unusual is that the steeples go all the way to the ground (not architectural technical talk) - if you look at the pictures you will see this. I am not sure if any other church anywhere has this architectural feature?? I was once told that within a few blocks of the central jardin there are 14 churches. Here is a wiki website with more about SMA if anyone is interested.


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