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Friday, December 14, 2012

Going 4 wheeling in the hills!

One of the campers, Don, has a four wheel drive jeep and he wanted to try it out up in the hills around here. So we went with him for the drive to see what kind of tracks we could find that may not be suitable for a regular vehicle. We were gone for three hours!

But first, Chris needed a haircut!

Chris is sitting on a stool for his haircut, but in the picture he looks like he's only three and a half feet tall! Too funny! With Don, waiting for them to finish up so we can head for the hills!

And head for the hills we did. 

The first part took us up to where we went with the little blue car a couple of weeks ago. But then when we got to the village of El Tigre, we went left instead of right. Sal had said that there used to be a road there many years ago but he hadn't been up there for a while and so he wasn't sure if it was still there. So we slowly made our way along on this single lane dirt road for a while.

This road is so busy that they needed a sign to watch for pedestrians!

Soon, the single lane dirt road became a track.

But it led us to this beautiful view!

We went as far as this! Here's Don, deciding that it would be foolish to try without a winch!

Hmm. That's as far as we're going.

So we had to reverse out for a bit to find somewhere to turn around. Then we went back down the mountain the way we came, and went to the other side of it trying to find where that road would have come out. We didn't find it, but when we got back to Sherman we used Google Maps to find where the other end is. Maybe we'll go back another day.

We had planned on going into Chapala yesterday to fix our tourist cards that were in the bag that was stolen last month in Zacatecas, but decided to put it off to today. So we're heading in an hour or so! Chris wants to try and find a charge controller for his new solar panel, so we'll try and get that while we're there.


  1. Even four wheel vehicles do have their limits. Jim and I have taken our truck into a few places that we really should have thought twice about.

  2. Looks like a good ride for a jeep, but like you said don't want to get stuck out there by yourself and no winch to pull yourself out. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  3. Too funny about the pedestrian crossing sign!

  4. And it was a good haircut! Great header picture of Ruth!

  5. Some great views even if it was hard getting there. Enjoy reading about your travels.


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