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Monday, December 17, 2012

Headed for San Miguel de Allende

Road trip! This morning we're heading out for San Miguel. Although we love it here at Hacienda Contreras, we are due for a change of scenery. It's only a short visit though, and we're planning on being back here on Friday.

Yesterday morning, we set off on a hike up the hill overlooking the town of San Jose de Gracia, which is in the state of Michoacan. It's only a 15 minute drive though because we are very close to the border. Ruth and I had done this hike with Doug and Nancy last year, so we were familiar with the route.

We set off around 9:00am, with Don, Chris and Juan, and Peter and Barbara.

Happy hikers!

Some of the fences were pretty tight to squeeze through!

It was a nice clear day and we could easily see the twin Colima volcanos. The peak on the right is dormant, and we have always wanted to hike up there so that you look down into the active peak on the left! It is about 81 kms (51 miles) away as the crow flies.

Made it to the top! 

It was only 2.4 kms (1.5 miles) one way, but it took us an hour and a half to get to the top. It's uphill all the way, with the elevation going from 6,600 ft to 8,000 ft. We had a snack and a rest at the top, then headed back down the same way we came up.

Ruth spotted this funny looking caterpillar on the way down.

Made it back to the campground just after 1:00pm to find that more campers had arrived! Brian and Sue have been here before, and it was good to see them again. The place is starting to fill up for Christmas! Soon Paula and Jerry will arrive with their friends as well as Croft and Norma. I think all of these people are arriving purposely in time for our scheduled outing to the mescal factory on the 22nd!

Next post tomorrow morning will be coming to you from San Miguel de Allende!


  1. I like the idea of hiking the volcano peak. Is there a trail? The Caterpillar is cool. If you get a chance, look up Pus Caterpillar on the net. Here is one link, . Found one this summer here in So. AZ. Luckily I don't pick up stuff here in the desert. Everything sticks, pricks or stings. They are poison! Never knew a Caterpillar could be poisonous.

    rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

  2. This is definitely want your shorter road trips. Glad you had a safe trip.

    I have never seen a Catapillar that color. Looks beautiful.

  3. How many are there and how many will be there total do you think?

  4. It's great that you will have lots of friends to catch up with at Christmas. You got some fantastic photo shots.

  5. Thanks for the tip about my blog. I am going to figure out how to turn off that stupid comment-screener if it takes me all day. I didn't even know I had it and you are right about it discouraging people because I am one of the people who seems to have a lot of trouble cracking the code!

  6. Howdy R&K,
    We have friends who moved to SanMiguel Allende several years ago and loved it.. They said it was like an American town, but a whole lot cheaper living, altho, from all I've heard lately it's like an American town WITH THE HIGH PRICES!!!
    You had a hiking 'tour' group with you today, huh?? Y'all are great 'tour' leaders!!! When are you doing the 56 mile volcano hike?? All in 1-2 days?? There are always people who think they can cheat because they 'pay' for it, but the campground owners don't get a break, when their usage goes up(kinfolks do it)!!!
    Hope y'all are having a luvly day, ol' chap!!!



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