Duden Waterfall, Antalya, Turkiye.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Antalya, Turkiye.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Paris, France on May 1st.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Things are lookin' good!

Getting excited about the next few weeks! We've been looking after things here at Hacienda Contreras for the last two weeks and while that's been an enjoyable thing to do, it's also put a little cramp on our exploring.

But that's about to change because Barb and Sal are expected back this afternoon! So besides being happy to see them again, it also means that we can start taking the little blue car (keep the name suggestions coming!) for some daily excursions in the surrounding area.

Not only are Barb and Sal going to be here today, but friends Chris and Juan are going to be here soon as well. That will mean for lots of exploring next week and lots more photos and things to talk about. And of course Christmas is coming and that means lots of Mexican food and fiestas! Love it!

We're not big on Christmas in the traditional sense, but one of the things we're going to miss because we are  down here is our grandson's first Christmas experiences. He's about 20 months old now, and he's catching on to this whole Santa Claus thing....

Hmm...not sure about this...

Although Cameron doesn't look very enthusiastic, Lindsey says he had a good time. She had been showing him youtube videos of Santa before going to the mall so that he would know what to expect and when they spotted Santa that day, Cameron said "ho, ho, ho"...too funny!

I came across another blog a couple of weeks ago, and I wanted to share this one with you. 

Viajes del Jubilado essentially means Retired Travels. This is written by a guy named Don and he tells about his daily adventures in Mexico and Central America in his motorhome. I think Don is originally from Michigan but he's been all through Mexico and all the way down to Panama. I really like his "tell it like it is" style and the fact that he actually does stuff and gets out and meets the locals. This is his third winter writing the blog and it's hard to believe he doesn't have more readers. So here's hoping you'll check him out. I've gone back to the beginning and read about his adventures in Central America and Guatemala and it makes us want to go down there even more. Hopefully we'll get to meet up at some point this winter.


  1. Cameron is a doll. I just wonder what really is going through his mind....or maybe we don't want to know...hehe

  2. It's never a sure thing what a kid will do once he gets on Santa's lap. Cameron looks to be holding it together.
    Um, I'm pretty sure there's no "e" in Santa Claus. Yes? I think you maybe had that movie, "The Santa Clause" on your mind....

  3. Hi Kevin and Ruth
    I have long been a follower of your blog and enjoying your adventures, but this is my first time posting a comment.

    I know many women dress up in their little black dress (LBD) for Christmas Parties at this time of year, so how about the name LBC for the Little Blue Car?

    Roger from Ontario

  4. Thanks for the link to Don's blog. Not only is it interesting, it should be a pretty good Spanish lesson, too!
    Grace (in Tucson)

  5. Cameron's Second Christmas :)not first, hehe.


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