Konyaaltı Beach at Antalya, Turkiye.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Antalya, Turkiye.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Paris, France on May 1st.

Monday, December 24, 2012

There's always something going on!

Never time for any rest around here. I started a book a couple of weeks ago and I think I've read two chapters. We were a little late getting going yesterday morning and by the time we finished the blog post and got our morning power walk in, there was just enough time to show Chris how to clean their fridge burner before we were leaving to go see a Friesian horse.

A Friesian horse is originally a Dutch breed. Typically known for their jet black color and long mane and tail. Beautiful horses, and you don't see them that often. Fairly expensive to buy one, usually between $10,000 and $40,000.

There's a family from Valle de Juarez who owns several of these horses, and they show them in the United States. Their property is on a hill overlooking the nearby town and Barb and Sal took a group of us up there yesterday.

The group of us enjoying the view.

The house on the property has a large cactus garden, and a fantastic patio with a beautiful view!

Ruth, looking at an odd cactus.

Enjoying the view from the patio.

Do you remember last year at this time when Barb and Sal adopted a scruffy old burro?

This is what a year of tender loving care will do!! Ha ha...

This is Ruben showing off Zared.

What a beautiful guy. Not you Ruben! The horse...!

Zared is a gorgeous horse!

By the time we got back, we only had a short time before we were scheduled to go out for dinner with Barb and Sal and just about everyone else who are here at the campground. We've actually lost a few people, one couple left yesterday morning to head back because of a family issue back home, and another two couples have left their rigs here while they went to Mexico City for Christmas. But there's still a large group here and we all wanted to help Barb and Sal celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary! So we went into Mazamitla to the El Troje restaurant. We've been there twice before and have always had a good meal.

Barb and Sal...happy 40th anniversary!

Clockwise from left, Barbara, Peter, Roger, Andrea, Don, Sal, Barb, Ingrid, Max, Chris, Juan, Norma, Croft, Linda, Juergen, Sue, Brian, Kevin, Ruth, Amanda, Carol, Keeble.

Looks like a pretty reserved crew in the picture above, doesn't it? See what happens when you add a couple of drinks, some good food, and some Mexican music...


  1. Congratulations to Barb and Sal. Without question the best RV owners and hosts I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

  2. Congratulations on their 40th, looks like everyone had a great time!

  3. Thanks Mike, will you be here this season? Have a great time where ever you are. Kevin, Hahahahah, I love your post on the metamorphosis of Don Quijote!

  4. That horse is beautiful!

    I am going crazy looking at the photos and then looking out our window. You have a gorgeous sky, cactus, and shirt-sleeves. We have clouds, snow and winter boots on. Your warm photos are making me sick...hehe

    Wishing you two a very merry and blessed Christmas.

  5. I really think you guys should write a "how to" book about traveling inexpensively and hiking, etc...
    I've learned all kinds of good stuff reading your blog and I already knew quite a few things.

  6. Looks like another great day, before we forget give everyone a big Feliz Navidad, from Donna & I at the Weeb Ranch...

  7. Feliz Navidad From Brenda and Gerry. Hope to run into you two before we head for home.

  8. Wow, another fun day! Merry Christmas, Kevin and Ruth!
    Connie, Barry, and Family

  9. "See what happens when you add a couple of drinks, some good food, and some Mexican music..."

    I see what you mean - things absolutely went nuts there... (does look like fun and good company - even if they do get totally out of hand.

  10. I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not, but I recognise about half of the folks in your header photo.
    Too much time reading blogs, perhaps?
    Hope you had an excellent Christmas.


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