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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

San Miguel de Allende (day 1)

We were planning on leaving Hacienda Contreras around 10:00am yesterday morning, and ended up hitting the road at 10:30am. No worries, we were in no rush and had told our hosts Wanda and Irwin that we wouldn't arrive until late afternoon anyhow.

It was pretty slow going for the first part. An hour into the drive we had only gone 68 kms (42 miles)! The total distance was 340 kms (211 miles). We stopped once to get fuel, and we arrived at 4:00pm. Sorry I can't post a map, we only brought Ruth's little laptop and I can't figure out how to do it with this one!

Beautiful new toll highway.

While some of it was slow going, we also used a couple of new toll highways that allowed us to avoid the cities of La Piedad and Irapuato. Still, we stayed at 85 km/h (53 mph) in order to maximize fuel economy. Like I said, we were in no rush.

Bypassing the city of Irapuato.

Entering the municipal limits of the city of Guanajuato.

We took a bit of a different route, heading north from Irapuato to the outskirts of Guanajuato. We had been to Guanajuato two years ago and it is a busy city, both with people and traffic. And while you don't see any traffic in the picture above, it was only a few more miles and it was a zoo!

The city of Guanajuato has a lot of tunnels.

From there, we headed directly east on some nice rural roads towards San Miguel. One little town had a lot of Christmas decorations for sale!

Anyone want to buy a reindeer?

Eventually, we saw the city of San Miguel de Allende.

A military patrol as we were entering the city.

We had no problem finding the house that Wanda and Irwin are renting. Parked on the street outside and knocked on the door. Wanda had about eight other ladies there and they had a couple of games of bridge on the go. But she showed us to our room, and poured us each a glass of wine and directed us to the rooftop patio where we relaxed until they were done their game.

Not a bad spot to waste some time!

Gorgeous view of the city!

Watched this little one getting a drink.

We sat and chatted for the evening and got acquainted. Wanda and Irwin are listed on couchsurfing, and they've been everywhere! They had come across our blog and had invited us to visit. Lots of discussion about travel and Mexico and before we knew it, it was time for bed.

Today, we're going into town to the market, and we'll try and stop by the RV park near the centro area where Paula and Jerry are staying. Hopefully we'll get to see Les as well!

Overcast and foggy here this morning...hopefully it will burn off soon!


  1. What a great rooftop patio!

  2. Love that header picture. You do have wonderful luck with the couch surfing. You always seem to stay with the nicest and friendliest people.

  3. what a gorgeous place..love the rooftop patio...

  4. Love your header photo and the photos along the way. Looks Great is all I can say!

  5. Sounds like s a fun trip enjoying the countryside. And making new friends.


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