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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Where are the carrots??!!

What a great start to the day yesterday! At 9:00am, a bunch of us gathered in the camper room because Chris and Juan had offered to make everyone a popular Mexican breakfast...huevos rancheros.

This dish includes a couple of eggs on a corn tortilla or two, with salsa, chorizo sausage, refried beans topped with cheese, slices of avocado, and fried potatoes. We weren't hungry again until mid afternoon!

Having breakfast.

The great chefs at work!

Breakfast of champions!

By the time we finished breakfast it was time to head in to the Saturday market. We went to our normal fruit and veggie guy, Martin, and picked up what we needed. We didn't get as much as we normally would because we're headed out of here mid week. But we did get a large pineapple, 4 delicious apples, a bag of tomatoes, a bag of strawberries, a head of lettuce, 4 oranges, large cauliflower, and a bag of carrots.

Then we went to the bank in Mazamitla. Our Canadian debit cards (with chip) only seem to work in certain ATM's here in Mexico, so we go to the other town to go to the bank. No worries, it's only 10 minutes in the opposite direction. Besides, the bank machine in Mazamitla gives us lots of smaller bills for change.

Then it was back to Sherman to put away the groceries. I was going to take a picture of the fruit and veggies for you, and gloat over the fact that we only paid 80 pesos ($6.40) for everything. So we laid everything out, and got ready for the picture. But....no carrots! Where were the carrots?? Searched the bags, went back and looked in the car, but nope...no carrots.

We love our Mexican carrots. So Ruth phoned Barb who was in town, and Barb stopped by to get our carrots. But our bag (which we had left sitting on top of some other fruit near the cash) was long gone, probably purchased again by someone else. But Martin gave Barb another bag of carrots, so now we're all set! But sorry, no picture of our fruits and veggies.

Wanted to point you towards Chris's blog post from yesterday where he clears up some common misconceptions regarding daily life in Mexico. Interesting stuff for those of you who don't know much about Mexico...


  1. Sucks when you forget your carrots. Should we alert the media?

  2. Apparently we left WAY to soon! And your veggie guy was back! Nice.


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