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Friday, December 28, 2012

A great day out exploring!

When we visit different places around the world, one of the questions we ask ourselves is "could we live here"? Well we came across a little town yesterday and one of the things we said was "we could live here"!

A group of us hopped into two vehicles yesterday with the goal of visiting La Cascadas Paraiso, a waterfall about 45 minutes (but only 36 kms or 22 miles)  from Hacienda Contreras. Ruth and I had been there last April with Barb and Sal, and we wanted to show it to some of the other campers. (GPS coordinates of the restaurant at the waterfall are 19.966663 -103.195493)

These cute burros were there to greet us near where we parked.

Ruth and I had brought a lunch, but the others organized some food for themselves from the restaurant at the top of the falls.

They have an interesting bar, but some of the bottles are looking a little empty!

While the lady and her daughter were making lunch, we hiked down to look at the series of falls. There's not much water at this time of year, and it's only a short walk, but we had fun anyhow. Then Ruth and I hiked another short trail that went to a mirador (lookout).

Chris, Croft, and Juan.

Juan, posing by one of the falls.

Brian, checking to see if you can get lower down for a better view.

The problem is that the most dramatic drop of the water is actually below where the viewing points are. You need to be able to get to the bottom, and from this location there isn't any way down. You would need to come at it from the valley below, and we can see a road down there. So next time, we'll try and get in from the road at the bottom and see if there is a trail there.

There is a nice view from the lookout though.

From there, we decided to carry on to the town of Concepcion de Buenos Aires. This little town is kind of in the middle of nowhere, and not on any major routes. We liked it right away, and the more we wandered around, the more we liked it.

Greeting you at the central plaza is the sign advertising their annual fiesta that runs from January 4-15.

The church is beautiful and is decorated for a wedding.

Decorated inside too!

Ruth and the large, nicely landscaped central plaza.

They even have a hotel on one of the corners of the plaza. Chris went in just for fun, and it costs 150 pesos ($12.00) for a one bed room, or 250 pesos ($20.00) for a two bed room. Hurry up and book, because they said they're sold out for January 12!

What a nice little town. If we were to ever look for somewhere more permanent in Mexico, it would be this kind of place. 


  1. You two sure find some gems. I love the Church. What a beautiful area.
    Hopefully they had one bottle that contained some sweet stuff...hehe

  2. It looks like a wonderful little town. The Church is beautiful all decorated like that. Hope you find that lower road to the falls.

  3. Ahhhhhhh sad that we missed going with you guys!!!!

  4. Now that's our kind of town - we can see why you liked it! What a beautiful church! Makes you wonder how many other hidden gems (pretty little towns) there are around, say?

  5. Is the hotel sold out for January 13???
    Love the colour in the Church decoration......Beautiful.

  6. Looks like another beautiful day of hiking and exploring around town. Lovely pictures!


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