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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Long Weekend is upon us

Well the first long weekend of the camping season is upon us.  The campground is full.  Every RV spot is taken and then some.  Most of the unserviced tenting sites are even taken, some with RV's and travel trailers.  It looks like a parking lot here.  Everyone is enjoying themselves though.

The swimming pool got its offical opening of the season just after lunch on Friday, just as the masses were starting to pour in.  The pool is heated but it wasn't up to temperature on Friday afternoon yet the kids were in there having a great time and coming out blue and shivering.  Yesterday we weren't too busy with cleaning despite having a full camp.  There were no cabin or cottages to do, laundry room was clean, so it was just sweeping out the office/store and doing the washrooms and surprisingly they weren't really in bad shape.  Again, when the washrooms are kept clean the campers tend to be less messy.  They get one good cleaning a day and then as Lynn puts it they are checked several times through the day and fluffed up (pick up any garbage/toilet paper on the floor, wipe the counters down, we leave sponges there for the campers to do this themselves when they are wet, check toilet paper rolls and conditions in the showers, and wipe them out if necessary). 

After all that was done I had some spare time so I went behind the counter in the store and started learning the ropes in the office/store and the computer system.

Later I came back to Sherman and had lunch and then did some much needed cleaning here (a woman's work is never done!).  We were having a beautiful day and I had brought some hostas back from my dad's the other day so I put those into the little garden that is on our site. I'll take a picture of it when I get it all cleaned up and looking pretty. 

Kevin was working at the RV place yesterday, and again today. He finally gets a day off on Monday as it is a holiday and the RV place will be closed as well as the labs that he does his courier job for.  This will be his first day off since May 1st when we went to Plattsburg to see Alex play ball and for the seniors day that they had.  He is looking foward to that and the fact that our daughter Lindsey arrives tomorrow morning to spend a week with us, yay!!!!  We haven't seen her since Christmas.

Well I had better get breakfast as I am off to work in an hour.


  1. This is a holiday weekend for you guys, sure hope you get through it without to much wear and tear. Next weekend is the long Memorial Day weekend here in the USA, we don't camp as it is always crowded and is the first camping weekend of summer. a couple days later you can get any spot you want and its quiet.Hope you guys have a good week, be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. I laughed at the comment of the kids turning blue in the pool, funny how we will still swim even if the water is bitterly cold! reminds me of Alberta lakes in spring!
    Have a great week and visit with your daughter!

  3. I know you and many of the people who read your blog enjoy boondocking and I can respect your choice, but to refer to the campground, which would not normally be your choice of a place to stay, as "looking like a parking lot" is not very respectful to the staff here who work hard to make the campground attractive.

  4. Dear Anonymous

    I can assure you that no disrespect was meant !!

    Yes, I am one of the regular readers you describe, and honestly, when I read the "Parking lot " comment, I never once thought
    that the staff weren't working 100% percent. I took it at face value, the campground was full, and then some.
    To take it one step further, Kevin and Ruth have let it be known, that the reason Ruth has returned for a second year was because the owner and co-workers were exceptional.
    So, please continue the extra effort, because obviously, it is making a difference, not only for the campers, but also for your co-workers !!
    Enjoy the long weekend, folks !!

  5. Sam and Donna....You are right, about the campgrounds being busy on the first long weekend. It is full here, but everyone has had a good time.

    Wild Blue Yonder....Yep, I think I used to be one of those kids, always got in the water no matter what the temperature was. Not now though, has to be really hot not, for me to go swimming.

    Lindsey's plane just landed in Toronto, then she flys to Kingston, we'll be seeing around 9:30am. Can't wait!

    Trent and Teresa.... Thanks for your input, that was extactly how I feel.

    Anonymous....I am sorry that you have taken offence to that comment I have made, it was in no way meant to refer to how we, the staff work at the campground making it attractive. I think that I have shown this in past posts with the cleanliness of the campground and how great the staff is. Included in past posts I have also shown how nice the the cabins, cottages and lodges look along with the actives that are offered, such as the pool, hiking trail, dog park and many others. My reference is to the campground RV area being full, which is a great thing for the campground. You are right we do like boondocking, but it is obvious that the people that camp here enjoy it here for a reason and it shows as they keep coming back season after season.

  6. No offence was taken, so no apology is required. I simply wanted to say that referring to the campground as "looking like a parking lot" was perhaps an unfortunate choice of words.

  7. Wow... what a busy park, and glad you are having fun with your job. Although we don't like to camp that way, the ones that do sure enjoy it. Lots of *togetherness* and *socializing* might be a good way to put it?

    Karen and Steve
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