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Monday, May 3, 2010

More useless RV accessories

I know I wrote about this before, but I had to shake my head again today at what people spend their money on. I know our society gave up on buying only what's necessary a LONG time ago, but two people who came in today take the cake.

So we've had this string of awning lights in stock since last year. They retail for $179.95! I figured that nobody would ever buy these lights, but I sold them to someone who showed just a little bit of interest...for $129.95. I know these people thought they were getting a great deal, and I guess if you're looking for top of the line awning lights...then they got a great deal. But who in their right mind spends that much money on awning lights? And why would you buy awning lights to begin with...?

The next one is a guy who was looking for these special hooks that you can bolt on the exterior of your RV. A kit of two of these little hooks costs $54.00. Then, what does he want to hang on the hooks? A special little garbage bag, so that his kids will always know where to put their garbage. The fancy garbage bag is made by the same company who makes the cost of the bag, $72.00. Add the two together, and the 13% tax (welcome to Canada) and he paid $142.38 for a garbage bag. Unbelievable!


  1. I often chuckle at the people that "set up the home" when they aren't going to be there long. I can see putting up the patio lights and stuff if you are planning on staying there, say for a season, but if you are travelling month to month or week to week, the sense of getting these is lost on me too.
    But then again, I have a nice patio mat :))

  2. We have lights we string on our awning when it is out...but they are LCD Christmas lights, multicolor. We like to sit outside and enjoy the evening and that gives just the right amount of light to see but not be glaring.

    Thanks for keeping your blog up. I enjoy reading your thoughts and what you are doing.

  3. I guess I missed something. What kind of awning lights cost that much??? Wish I had some to sell!

  4. I can understand the cheap little "Christmas lights" typ of awning lights, just for fun. Shaking my head at the $179 that these lights retail for. I just looked it up, and these exact same lights are $99.99 at Camping World. Believe it or not, that was our COST at the RV place. Just another example of how ripped off we are here in Canada. You know those nice 9x12 patio mats? They sell for $77 at Camping World...$147 here in Canada. I don't get it...


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