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Thursday, May 6, 2010

The vet's and dinner with friends

Well I am back at my dad's, actually getting ready to head back to Kingston in just a short while.

Yesterday my dad had arranged appointments for both his dog KC and for Whiskey to visit with the vet.  Our appointment was for 12 noon.  Neither dog was happy about this.

I asked my dad to make the appointment for Whiskey because Kevin and I were both concerned about an issue she seemed to be having with her mouth.  The last two times she has been to the vet's it was mentioned that we should consider getting her teeth cleaned.  She is now 14 years old and this is the first time we have been told this, I think her teeth up to this point have been good.  I have heard of a number of dogs that have had to have cleanings done and have even had to have teeth removed because they were so bad, so we have felt pretty lucky on this matter.

Two years or so ago when she went to the vet for a regular checkup he noticed a broken tooth and was surprised that it didn't seem to bother her and said that if it wasn't bothering her to just leave it be.  Now we are wondering if it has become an issue.  Lately Whiskey has really been rubbing at her mouth with her paw or rubbing her mouth against the ground.  It doesn't seem to bother her when she is eating. but it has us wondering if there is a problem.  When the vet looked at her yesterday she couldn't find any visual evidence that there was anything wrong, and was even able to chip off a bit of the tarter on one of her teeth and it looked to be in good condition as well as the gum.  She still suggested getting the teeth cleaned and while she is under the annestic they would be able to have a better look at the broken tooth and the gums to see if something is in under the gums that could be the problem.

Whiskey and KC

Kevin and I have both discussed this at length before as to whether having her teeth cleaned at this stage in her life is wise.  First, it is very costly, but secondly and more importantly is the risk to Whiskey at her age by putting her under annestic.  Kevin isn't with me at the moment so when he picks me up today, I am sure we will be discussing this on the way back to Kingston.  Other than that issue, Whiskey is healthy, althought she did hear a heart murmur but is not sure if that is do to stress of Whiskey being at the vet's.  They will keep an eye on that with future visits.  Whiskey also got her supply of heartworms medication for the summer.  KC checked out fine as well, but he had to get his vaccinations and seems to be a little under the weather today, definitely not his usual chipper self.

In the evening I had made arrangements with 3 friends from school to get together for dinner.  We try to do this if possible at least once a year, but would like to do it more often but somehow that never seems to happen.  Anyway I made the arrangements for dinner, usually we go out to a restaurant but this time I suggested that we do a potluck at my Dad's place instead.  I looked after the main course, Brenda brought over an appetizer, Liz brought a salad and picked up Myrna who brought along dessert.

Having dinner with my old school friends

We had a great visit and it was nice to catch up on all the news in everyone's lives.  I made chicken enchilidas and the funny thing was that Liz brought along a taco salad.  Seemed well planned, yet neither of us knew what the other was doing.  My Dad was in his glory, no supper to make and he got to be the only guy with four other women.  After supper he took off upstairs to his office while we talked away.  Hopefully we won't wait so long next time to get together again.

Liz, Ruth and Myrna

Brenda (known since Grade 6 or 7), Liz (since Grade 1), Ruth and Myrna (since Grade 1)

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