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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Canada, United States, or Mexico?

Which country is "better"? I've heard people here say that Canada is the greatest country in the world.

But I've got it figured that the people who say this probably haven't traveled very much.

In comparing countries, you can't bring up the "beautiful geography" argument, because EVERY country I've been to has geographical areas that are beautiful.

So what other comparisons can you make? Well, you can compare living standards, which would include wages, prices, and taxes. You could try to compare politics, but it would probably be a draw because all 3 countries are such a mess in that regard. You can compare the weather. There are distinct differences in each countries weather conditions. And you can compare the cultural differences. And somebody is bound to bring up the comparisons between each countries health care systems, although that could definitely fall under living standards given that health care is directly related to wages, prices, and taxes.

I can't come up with anything else that you could compare in order to come to a decision about which country would be the best to live in.

The majority of people in the United States have a higher standard of living than people in Canada. That is, they make more money, (or have the opportunity to make more money), and have overall lower prices and taxes.

People in Mexico probably have the lowest average standard of living, although it is mostly the rural people who we would consider to be in toughest part of that category. We have met many "middle class" people in Mexico who are doing just fine.

United States wins in the "standard of living" category. Canada second. Mexico third. (I believe that this will change drastically over the next 20 years. It will take a long time, but I think that both Canada and Mexico will eventually overtake the United States.)

The weather. Well, Canada places a distant third. Why do you think sooooo many Canadians head south in the winter. It's because our weather is TERRIBLE. This country is truely not suitable for human habitation. And we have nowhere to go, except to another country. Canada's weather sucks!

Americans can go all over the United States and have the option to experience whatever weather they happen to enjoy. Although using this past winter as an example, even the United States can't compare to Mexico during the winter.

Mexicans also can enjoy a wide variance of weather conditions, you can head to the higher elevations during summer, or head to the beaches during winter.

Mexico wins in the weather category, with the United States placing a close second. Canada is dead last.

And the last category is cultural, and day to day life. I find this category very interesting. We have met wonderful people in all three countries, however the Mexican people in general are more welcoming. They have higher family values, and they are very generous with their hospitality and kindness. They also have a great festive spirit, and they love to celebrate special occasions.

In general, Canada and the United States are very similar in this category, although some items stand out that I want to mention.

The United States has far too many rules and far too many lawyers. Everyone is worried about who is going to sue whom and you can't park here and get off my property. Okay, maybe not everyone, but that is the general attitude that comes across.

Canada no longer has an identity. We've let so many people into the country who don't share the same values or language that it's become a mish mash of multiculturalism. And in typically complacent Canadian fashion, we just say "oh well, that's okay...".

Mexico finishes way out in first place on this one, with Canada and the United States tied for a distant second and third, but for different reasons.

So, adding everything up, I come up with Mexico as the best place to live, United States second, and Canada third.


  1. Well said! Could not have said it better myself.
    I still can't understand why people would WANT to live in canada in the winter. It's just not fit for our warm bodies!


  2. I'm not disagreeing but Canada is not as corrupt as both Mexico and the U.S. Human rights are not a problem in Canada. It is a safer and cleaner country. The weather does truly stink though!

  3. Weather in Canada depends on geographic location. The west coast of British Columbia - the Lower Mainland specifically - offers the most beautiful spring, summer and fall anywhere on earth. Yes, it rains in the winter but it doesn't get extremely cold or humid.

    I have traveled extensively throughout the world and I kiss the ground whenever I get back to the west coast.

    Mexico is my 2nd favourite country. Is it corrupt? Yes. Is it cultural? Absolutely. The people are great, the winter weather is wonderful and the countryside is beautiful.

    Politically, Canada is miles ahead of Mexico and/or the USofA.

  4. I agree with Anonymous, however If you think the Lower Mainland is nice, you'll be in 7th heaven on Vancouver Island or the Southern Gulf Islands. Until you've spent time on the west coast, you really don't know all about Canada's varied climate. Although I'll always have a soft spot for Manitoba where I spent the first 50 years of my life, I'm happy that I have called BC home for the last 20+ year. The weather is much kinder. I still enjoy Mexico and some parts of the USA, however if I have to miss a winter traveling, I'm quite happy right here on the islands.
    Elaine in BC

  5. Wild Blue Yonder....I don't understand either, but some people really like it and they can have it.

    Susan....I agree that Canada is much cleaner than Mexico and even some parts of the US. I was amazed how much garbage we saw on the roads we travelled on in March down to Florida and back.

    Anonymous...Yes the west coast is beautiful, but is still isn't shorts and T-shirt weather in the winter.

    Politically, yes Canada is OK, but even we have our problems. We have very high taxes and the money they get isn't well spent. Every country has problems one way or another.

    Elaine....We have been to Vancouver Island and I think if we had to spend another winter in Canada that is probably where we would head. As I said before, it still isn't shorts and T-shirt weather.

  6. Very well put. After searching 3 years for warmer winters Mexico is the place. We just spent our first winter in Mexico and fell in love with the whole package and can't wait return and explore more!

  7. Well you have got me thinking about a solution that will solve all the US Financial Problems.

    We will just start charging the Canadians a toll to get south of the Mason Dixon line. If you want to go to Mexico it will probably be more costly.
    I'm going to write my Representative right now and suggest the solution.



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