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Monday, May 31, 2010

Our "great" Canadian health care system...part 3

As I said in the previous post, we have been very lucky (and smart) that as a family we haven't needed to use our "free" Canadian health care system very much during our lifetimes.

But there was one other instance a couple of years ago that I thought I would tell you about.

I've had episodes over the years where I would get cysts on the inside of my eyelids. Yeah, I know that's kind of a strange thing. And they're not harmful...doesn't affect my vision or anything like that. But they're annoying and a little bit painful. I bring this up because I happen to have one now, and I haven't had one for at least two years which has been pretty good.

So the time I went to the doctor about this a couple of years ago, the GP referred me to a specialist. The specialist takes a look at the problem, and says "yep, I can fix'll only take a few minutes. Oh, and $175".

Turns out that eyelid cysts are not covered under our "great" Canadian health care system.

Either is any kind of dental care unless it's related to a medical emergency that has to be fixed in a hospital. Or something like that. There are all kinds of exclusions that aren't covered. But, if you happen to be collecting welfare, we'll pay ALL of your dental bills providing you get the work done at a government approved dentist!

And, you can get a sex change operation here in Canada, and they'll pay the whole shot, including all of the psychological meetings and everything. Isn't it a funny world we live in?

On another note...Ruth put away our hats and mitts. If they have to come out of storage again before fall, we're moving to Mexico for good!

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