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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Preston, Lancashire, England.

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Sunday, May 2, 2010


So on Saturday we went for a drive to watch some more baseball.

We got up at 5:30am, and we were on the road by 6:30am.

Made it to Plattsburgh, New York around 10:15am. 315 kms (195 miles) each way. It was a beautiful day, actually a little too beautiful because I ended up with a bit of a sunburned face! The boys played really well again, winning both games...and ending their regular season at 30 wins and 8 losses. They go on to the regional playoffs next weekend.

We went shopping for a new portable BBQ after the games. We were specifically looking for a Weber Q100 portable tabletop unit. They sell in Canada at the Home Depot for $179, but I see them advertised at Kmart and Walmart online in the U.S. for $139. Yes, I know, the dollars are worth about the same right now, so why the price difference? I tell me. Welcome to Canada, land of high prices, high taxes, and "free" healthcare! Anyhow, we finally found one in stock at Kmart. It's pretty much what we're looking for, but it's pretty heavy. We'll think about it for the next couple of weeks, and when Ruth goes down to pick Alex up in a couple of weeks, we'll make a decision as to whether or not to pick one up.

We had bought a cheapo unit for $29.95 last year. I knew it wouldn't last, and I was proven correct!

Didn't make it home until was a LONG day.

Today, Ruth worked at the KOA and I went into the RV place. Busy day in the parts sales day this year so far.


  1. Hey Kevin..I bought a Weber tabletop bbq...the rectangle jobby..I think for 25 US..I have a T at the propane tank with a custom 20ft hose. Off to the table I go...feeding from the rv tank. Cheaper than those wee green things or even a portable tank.

    Gary Haupt

  2. Hey Gary. Yes, I want to get one of those propane tank fittings as well. We sell them at the RV place...I think the kit is around $70. But I think ours only comes with a 15 ft hose, so I'll have to check into that. Sherman's propane tank is on the drivers side, so not sure if 15 feet will be long enough. But yes, a lot more convenient than the little green bottles...!


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