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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Late spring heat wave

I love it! Last year, we didn't have a summer. I think the high for last year in this area was 27C (81F), and it rained all last July...but not this year!

We had a perfect sunny day today...nice and hot! C'mon global warming! I love being warm... :-)

Anyhow, Ruth and Lindsey dropped me off to work at the RV place this morning, and they went and did some shopping. Lindsey found out a few months ago that she's allergic to gluten, so she needed a few specialty items for her diet. She says she feels 100% better since changing what she eats.

I had a great drive this afternoon...windows down, breeze blowing through the car, arm getting some sun out the window...felt just like summer.

Then Ruth and Lindsey made supper....lasagna made with rice noodles. While that was baking, Lindsey and I drove to the Kingston train station to pick up my parents who are visiting from Ottawa for a couple of days. They are going to stay in one of the cottages here at the KOA.

We think poor Whiskey may have some bladder problems. She had bladder stones when she was about 4 years old, and we notice that she's taking a longer time to pee, and wanting to pee often. These are similar symptoms to what we remember from the last time she had a problem. She was just in at the vet, and we were told no problem, but it is definitely getting worse, so we think we may go get a second opinion. maybe it's an infection, or maybe something that a diet change will do.

Calling for another great day tomorrow!

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