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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bought a new wi-fi antenna

I finally saw a deal on a new antenna for wi-fi when we're traveling. We had been using a Hawking HWU8DD that we bought almost three years ago. It was the best $75 we ever spent. Had lots of use out of it, and it still works but it's got a loose connection inside and sometimes acts funny.

So I knew that Hawking had been producing newer versions of this antenna and so we bought the HWDN1 from Hawking's eBay store and had it shipped here. Total cost including taxes and everything...$85.

Consider that the best Canadian price I could find for this unit was $130! Why are we so ripped off up here?!

Probably won't get a chance to test it much this summer, but maybe I'll take it on my drive up to Perth one day and see how well it works. The original antenna was supposed to increase your range by 300%, and this new one says 600%, so if that's the case, we should be able to get online pretty easy during our travels.


  1. You inspired me, I bought one off ebay too. Should get it in a week or so!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. We hope that it works out for you as well as the original one did for us. We certainly got our money's worth out of it. Kevin can't wait to give our new one a good test.

  3. We can test the new one together once we get on the road (and it arrives!).
    I can't wait too!!!
    Think I'll just drive somewhere downtown with the laptop and test it in the truck!

  4. Afternoon..I too am looking for a wifi booster and after reading your post, went looking. 134.00 That is such bs.

    Gary Haupt
    [email protected]
    Gary's New Life

  5. Gary...yep, I don't understand why we are so ripped off up here. I mean, it's not only the higher's the higher prices. And we're not only talking about most cases, it's MUCH higher than that.


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