On the Trans Canada highway between Hope and Abbotsford, British Columbia. Photo taken yesterday.
Where are Kevin and Ruth right now? Crescent Beach (near Vancouver), British Columbia.

Where are they going next? Hamilton, Ontario.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Some of our best days in the motorhome

Many new readers perhaps don't realize that we didn't know anything about the RV world until we dove into it head first back in October 2007 . We started an online journal back then, but it was hosted at another site and Ruth has been hard at work transferring all those posts and pictures to this blog.

If you scroll down the right hand side, you'll see that the blog archives go back to November of 2008. She's still got a year to go, but it's coming. I was just browsing through it myself, and she's put a lot of pictures in that weren't in the original trip journal.

Here's a few of my more memorable days is the motorhome...

I have to stop there. There are too many memorable days travelling in the motorhome! What a great life...

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